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How to setup your PS4/ PS4 pro – Quick guide

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Since the holiday season is around the corner, many people would want to buy the products at a cheap price. Like always SONY too is giving huge discounts on its electronics, and one of the hot product would be their home consoles. Like last year they are offering discounts if you buy the PS4 or the PS4 pro especially if you buy on the Black Friday.

Many people do not know how to set up the console and end up making a mess as the process is delicate. That is why the motive behind today’s article is how to setup the console. The process is fairly easy though you need to take some considerations into account.

Starting with the box, when you open the box you are presented with the console first and then you get the controller and a bunch of wires.

Image: HardwareZone
Image: HardwareZone

First of all, you should have a look at the back of your console, it is where the most of the I/O connectors are. You would find a power connector, an HDMI port, an Ethernet port, and an auxiliary port. You may know the purpose of the power connector, HDMI and Ethernet port but the auxiliary port is for the PlayStation accessories such as the PlayStation camera.

Connecting the wires is easy, you can connect the power cord the orientation would not matter. In case of Ethernet and the HDMI, the orientation of the cord should align with the connector.

Image: PlayStation
Image: PlayStation

On the front there are two standard USB ports, they can serve many purposes but the main aim of these is connecting the controller and the console. The DualShock 4 is a wireless controller but at first, you would require to connect the controller through the USB cable to sync it with your PS4.

After connecting the cords to the back of the console, connect the other end of the power cord and put it in the wall socket and the other end of the HDMI cord would go into your TV. Now, turn on your console and press the PS button, it will sync the console and the controller, you can get rid of the USB cable for the time being but you would need it to charge the controller.

When the console boots up for the first time, it will require you to sign in through your PSN account and the rest of the setup is straightforward. You can set the time of your gaming sessions at the start too and set other services like Netflix etc. Here you go your PlayStation home console is all set for intense gaming sessions.

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