Image: Xbox

How to setup Xbox One S / One X – Quick guide

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The holiday season is around the corner, and most of the electronics that you would want to buy are getting the cheapest price tags. Similar to SONY Microsoft also push the price of its home consoles every year.

This year too both X boxes are getting a price cut. Specifically, the Xbox One X will now retail at its least price since the time of launch. So, if you are an Xbox fan and you want to buy the console, it would be the best time to buy the console.

Now many people struggle to set up their new console and make a mess because the wires, plugs, and ports actually hard to master. This guide is for those people, now sit back and let’s start setting up your precious console.

First of all, you would unbox, and the first thing that you would get is the console itself along with the controller and a bunch of cables. When you have the console out of the box look at the back of it you would find the most of the ports that you would have to use. There is a power connector, an HDMI out port, HDMI in port, an ethernet port, EDIF port and the IR out port.

Most of you know the purpose of the HDMI out port, power connector and the ethernet is, the HDMI in port is for your set-top box or satellite TV box and the IR out is for the device that you would want to use your set-top box and lastly the EDIF port is for the sound box if you do not want to use the traditional headphone jack.

Image: Microsoft
Image: Microsoft

We can now start setting up your Xbox One, the first cord that goes in is the power cord here the orientation of the port, and the wire does not matter it goes in both ways. Then you plug one end of the standard HDMI cable that came with the console in the HDMI port with proper orientation and the other end into your TV.

The console has built-in wifi, but you can also connect it using the LAN cable. Now connect the other end of the power into the socket and press the Xbox button on the front of the console.

Since you are booting up your Xbox for the first time, it will run you through the basic set up stuff. You would be asked to connect to your WiFi if you are not using Ethernet, you can also set your power settings and select the region where you live. Then it would ask you to log in with your Microsoft id if you don’t have one it would ask you to create to get the best experience out of your Xbox.

Image: Windows Club
Image: Windows Club

To sync your controller you just have to press the Xbox button on your controller, it will blink for a while. Then you would have to press the button on top of the controller and the button on your console that is in the lower end of the front of your Xbox.

The Xbox logos on the controller and on the console would blink faster, and when the controller is synced with the Xbox, it will stop blinking. Here you go the controller is all set too.

Image: Xbox
Image: Xbox

One more thing the Xbox One S has a built-in Blue Ray DVD player that can play videos at 4k too. The disk system works the same as it works with game disks. You would have to carry the disk through the hole in the optical drive and rest of the work is for the console. Here you go your Xbox one Gaming multimedia box is all set up and ready.

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