How to send and receive messages on Facebook mobile without the official Messenger app

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Not all of us are privileged enough to buy expensive handsets with enough storage available to download everything we want. Thus, it is quite possible that you might not be able to download and use the Facebook messenger app due to storage constraints. What should one do then? Don’t worry we have got you covered.

Why should one not use the official Messenger app?

As mentioned above, the Facebook messenger app takes up a lot of space on both iOS and Android device, so on budget-friendly phones with not a lot of storage options, it might seem wise to not install it altogether. Second, installing the App could use some of your phone’s resources like RAM and may also eat up some amount of battery by running in the background.

Also, some of us might get annoyed by constant Messenger notifications, and are the kind of people who want to see all their messages at their own time. Thus, Messenger can seem to be pesky in such cases.

Furthermore, some people are more used to the desktop version of Facebook Messenger, which is quite simple and doesn’t come preloaded with useless games and other stuff.

The main problem faced by users who haven’t got Messenger installed on their phone

It is quite known that if you are using Facebook on a smartphone, whether its Mobile App or through your smartphone browser, it forces you to install Messenger by not showing you the messages you have received nor does it give the ability to send one. Thus, people are left with no choice but to either resort to Facebook on their PC or reluctantly install Messenger after all.

On the contrary, there is still a quite simple way to how you can send Messages on Facebook without Messenger. The method works on both iOS and Android.

How to send Messages on Facebook without the official Facebook Messenger app on iOS devices

  • First of all, open Safari, and just load the Facebook messenger’s official site over here:

  • Indeed, the site would force you to install the messenger app, but you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Just press the Share button at the bottom and from the options that appear, just choose Request Desktop Site
  • This will then load the desktop version of the messenger site, from where you can log in and continue to use messenger as you do on your Desktop.


How to send Messages on Facebook without the official Facebook Messenger app on Android devices

  • For this, you need to fire up the Chrome browser on your Android device, and head over to the messenger’s official website:
  • The site would give a message forcing you to download and install the Messenger app to see your messages; Just ignore that
  • Just press the “three dot menu” icon inside Google Chrome on the top-right corner of your device and check the box that says Request desktop site.
  • You are now good to go as the website would now reload, from where you would need to sign in to Facebook, and use Messenger as you would normally do on a desktop.

Alternatively, for both iOS and Android, you could also simply go to and request the desktop version for that site as well, but it may require zooming in and out a lot than expected.



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