How to report a Team Killer in PUBG Mobile

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We have dealt with all kinds of cheaters in PUBG Mobile, the bots, the cheat-code mafia and the hackers. But the one kind of cheaters that annoys us the most is Team Killer. A team killer is a player who would play cheap tactics in a squad or duo game by killing his own team partners to steal their collection of equipment and consumables.

I felt the need to find a way to report them and was sure that it wasn’t just me. A game is not fun if it isn’t fair and the amount of team killers in the game are increasing. Although, PUBG Xbox has a clear way to report such players but in PUBG mobile, things are a little complicated.

How I reported a team killer is an interesting story; however you have a choice to read what happened OR just jump straight onto the bottom of this article where i have mentioned the steps to report cheaters in PUBG.

Why I felt the need to report such fraudulent players and share it with others, comes from my personal experience and solely aims to prevent people from cheating in the game.

So, this is what happened! I was playing in the server of Asia where I believe you have more real and expert players to deal with and less bots. It was a squad match and I randomly started the game, matched with a Russian and two players from China, whose names I couldn’t read or write. None of them was speaking except me, so when nobody replied to me, I stopped talking too, well obviously.

However, I requested all to jump with me but I guess everybody wanted to play solo in a squad match, so we all went to our separate ways.

I had a good time collecting supplies; good guns, 8x Scope (who doesn’t like sniping), health kits, energy drinks, good kills until i saw one of the two Chinese players coming my way in a car. The guy whose name was written in Chinese so i was calling him by his number drove his jeep to where i was. I thought he came to pick me up as the circle was shrinking, instead he literally knocked me out with his jeep, driving straight into me. First I thought it was a mistake and i called him to revive me, but he got out of the jeep and stood some steps away from me and threw a grenade at my place and the next thing i knew, I was dead. A shocking death, i would say.

I watched him stealing all of my stuff from my box and driving away. Sad story, right? Yeah it hurts. But it got me so mad that I knew i wouldn’t let him get away with this so easily. So i googled to find a way to report him; came across with PUBG’s FAQs on their official website. But the procedure asks you to submit the name of the cheater player.

Now that’s where it became difficult for me to figure out as i couldn’t read or write his name. So this is what i did instead.

How to report a cheater player in PUBG Mobile

There’s an in-game report system in PUBG mobile and it does work quickly as it did in my case. However, they ask you the name of the player and in my case, as i mentioned before, i had no idea what his name was. So I chose to provide his game id instead.

For that, you will have to go into your “Recent” option that you will find in your friends list. In there you see a list of people you have recently played the game with. You find your cheater in there, open his profile, copy his game id and put it in the “Report Form”.

Which looks like this..

It shows up by clicking on the “Report” button that you see above “Events”. In the description, write your issue with the required details, which include, Your Game Nickname, Nickname OR the game ID of the user you are reporting, Time/Date of the incident and Description of the incident. Then hit submit and smile. The cheater will be kicked out of the game.

Mine was nowhere to be found when I clicked on his profile the other day. So yeah, that’s how it happens. Share your game-cheater story in the comments below. You see, we NEED to talk about this!




–  This article is based on Writer’s personal opinion

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