How to report a hacker in PUBG Mobile

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The popularity of the mobile version of PUBG is reaching skies as millions of players from all over the world are playing on its platform 24/7. 

The game is so well optimized for Mobile that it certainly satisfies your urge to play first person shooting game in battle royale mode. But as competitive the game has become now after gathering hard core gamers on its base, every player is trying to do his/her best, which is unfortunately leading some impatient people to get short cut to the superior leagues by hacking into the servers.

Hacking/cheating in the game doesn’t just the ruin the fun of the person who’s doing so but also the people who are playing it fair. It actually disturbs the whole point of battle royale shooting game. 

PUBG Mobile hasn’t taken any strict measures yet as it isn’t so advanced to detect and ban hackers instantly. However, if you report the hacker that killed you right on time, it does do serious damage to the ranking of the hacker and if he continues to do cheating, his account gets suspended. 

PUBG mobile urges its player to report hackers instantly so that they could keep an eye on their activity. 

Here’s how you can identify and report the hackers in PUBG Mobile.

If you see a player in the game who is seen walking through the wall or is able to shoot at you even when you’re hidden behind a wall or a tree or a stone. It’s a hacker!

A hacker use technique to dissolve some parts of the map and are able to look through the structure. You’re easily killed even when you’re hidden because he is able to see you and his bullets will reach you through what you thought is protecting you.

You can kill a hacker if he isn’t using the cheat code for immortality. Fight him like a pro player and shoot him in the head and enjoy your chicken dinner but if you couldn’t do it, Worry not, you can report him out of the game and damage his ranking. Simply report!

In order to report a hacker, all you have got to do is hit on the button that says ‘Report’. It appears in the end of the match where your game’s stats are shown. 

After clicking on the report button, it will ask you to tick on issue you have faced. There will be several options like Team Killing, Cheating, Hacking etc. Choose the one that affected you. You can select multiple options and even type your problem in detail. It’s the form against the person you were killed by. Whatever you fill in the form will work against the player who killed you. And Done! The hacker will be gone. 

PUBG mobile is working to get rid of hackers/cheaters but meanwhile it is requested to all the fair players to have patience and report unusual activities to the system right away.

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