How to Record Calls on iPhone and Android

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Recording a phone call on its own is not a highly respectable act but it is in some cases a necessity. The options to record a call for an Android and Apple product vary. However, there is one option that works just as well for both.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a free to download and free to use app that allows one to record calls. This is an official and safe way to record your calls without the fear of your information being misused.

The first task is setting up your phone number and account.

If you’re on an Android device then go inside the app and click on an icon that resembles a hamburger. It’s usually found in the upper left corner. Once you click on the hamburger icon, access the Settings. Then find the “Incoming Calls Option” and turn it on. Now you can freely record calls on your Android device.

If you’re on an Apple device then go inside the app and access the hamburger menu. From there, go into Settings and then go into calls. Now find the “Incoming Calls Option” and turn it on. Now you can freely record calls on your Apple device.

Once the call starts, click the number 4 on your keypad and the recording will begin. Fair-warning, the app does announce that the call is now being recorded. So, before you press 4, make sure the other person is informed about your decision to record the call.

There is, however, a small catch. Google Voice can only record incoming calls. Thus, if you make a call to someone and plan to record that, I’m afraid that won’t be possible. However, the person you’re calling could record that call using their Google Voice and share the recording with you, if need be.

Call Recording
Call Recording
Source: Tech4Fresher

Call Recorder – The Call Recording App for Android

Call Recorder is an app we’d certainly recommend to all Android users who want to record their calls. It’s fully automated so as soon as your call begins, the recording begins. Moreover, the app offers a greater range of control.

There a total of 4 options for users to choose from when it comes to call recording.

1.) All

2.) Outgoing


4.) Important

Thus, Call Recorder does not have the drawback of Google Voice. It can record any and every call that you make or receive. Furthermore, the app can even be fed some numbers to avoid ever recording calls from them.

Now Call Recorder is free but the free version is filled to the brim with ads. The paid version comes for 3.99$. Not a high price to pay for people who use such services frequently.

Call Recorder has worked rather well on the Android 9 OS. However, there have been some reported problems in the Android 10 OS. Although these problems could just be due to Google’s new restrictions. Hopefully, we can expect some improvements in the Android 11 version.

3 Way Call Merge App – The Call Recording Option for Apple

Apple is not as lenient as Android when it comes to recording a call. The feature is simply blocked on an iPhone. However, there is a small workaround. For the workaround to work, your Apple device must be compatible with 3-way conference calling. Such features are provided by your service carrier so be sure to choose them wisely.

What you do is first you download a call recording app like Call recorder, TapeACall, or Rev. Then you make or receive your concerned call. Once the call has begun, wait for the “Add Caller” sign to pop up. Once it does, click on the sign and call in using the call recording app you have.

Thus, the call recording app will take the place of the third person in the call. Sort of like a third party recording service.

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