How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

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The WhatsApp delete message feature can be really annoying and a lifesaver at the same time. If you’ve somehow managed to send a message to the wrong group, it can help you save yourself from the embarrassment. However, reverse the roles and you might end up being really curious about what the person actually said. It’s actually really simple with the help of an App.

In order to do this, you’ll need an Android phone. Simply head to the Google Play Store and search for an app called “WhatsApp Removed+“. What it does is basically keep track of all the notifications you receive on WhatsApp or any other app you set it to (you get a lot of options inside the app). Even if you’ve seen the message before and then it got deleted, the app will recover everything, it basically records your entire chat history.

There are many notification logging apps out there but this one does the job quite well as it runs in the background and automatically detects the deleted messages. It can also detect deleted WhatsApp media as well which is a plus. Go to Google Play to install the app.

Once the app is installed, open it and you’ll get a prompt to let it access your notifications. You’ll get a prompt like these:

Once you click yes, it’ll take you to another screen where you can manage all your app permissions. Simply turn on the button next to WhatsApp Removed+ and you’ll get the following prompt:

Once you click on ‘Allow’, you’ll finally be granted access to the app and it’ll then give you a list of all the apps that are able to send you notifications and will then ask for the apps you would like to track. Select the button next to WhatsApp and continue from there.

As you can see, it gave an option to track Facebook too, it’s totally up to you which apps you’d like to track. The app will run in the background, detecting all the messages you receive on the app. The layout should be something like this:

As you can see, all the deleted messages will show under the “Detected” Tab. If you want to see the full log of messages you’ve received on WhatsApp including the deleted ones, just click the “WhatsApp” tab like in the image above. The app works great and it’s completely free.

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