How to play PUBG Mobile on PC and Why

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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the top grossing video games of all times. It has a record of having the greatest number of players online at the same time, according to Steam’s survey. 1.3 Million players were playing the game at a time snatching the world record from DOTA 2 which had 1.29 Million players. It stands right next to Grand Theft Auto V in selling the greatest number of units in one month. Additionally, it is one of the most selling games of all times with over 50 Million units sold on all platforms by June 2018. The early build of the game was released on September 2017, with Steam’s early access, the full version of the game was released on December 2017 along with the Xbox One version release. The game was ported to Xbox through Xbox Game preview program.

The downfall of Steam sensation

The Xbox build of the game was worse than the PC build. The game then was progressing slowly yet continuously. The game pass was also included in the game which was backlashed by the player community since they had to pay additional money alongside the 30 dollars price tag. Through its uncontended time the game was progressing seamlessly, but the time Fortnite’s Battle Royale got released the player base shifted. The main reason for the shift was the more opened nature of Fortnite since it was released on every major platform and it was free for all software. So, the paid battle pass seemed more reasonable there. Many people were also calling PUBG is dead since matchmaking was taking more and more than I had to wait 17 minutes for a match at one time (at first it usually took less than a minute to compete the matchmaking).

Image: Wccftech
Image: Wccftech


PUBG is made by a South Korean company called Bluehole (lead by Tencent Games) under the supervision of Brenden Greene (commonly known as Player Unknown due to his online handle). The main concept of the game came from Greene who wanted to make a different survival shooter game that can incorporate as many players as they can. The idea came from a Japanese movie called ‘Battle Royale’ released in 2000. The main reason why the PC build, and the Xbox build are replete with bugs is the fact that Tencent games is a mobile game developer and PUBG was the first game they developed outside the world of smartphones. When the complete game was announced in December Tencent announced that they are trying to acquire the license of the game for the smartphone market. It was the first step in the making of the biggest smartphone game to date.

Mobile development

They released two versions of the game in Chine, both of the versions are active in Chine, but for the rest of the world only one of them ported and was called PUBG mobile. During the pre-registration period in Chine, the app came on top on almost every IOS chart. The mobile version was made by Lightspeed and Quantum studios (additional subsidiaries of Tencent games) and was released for China on February 9, 2018, and the rest of the world version was released shortly after that. It is not wrong if one can say that the mobile version of PUBG was the real success of the game, even Tencent acknowledged that when they announced that their player base had hit 400 million, 50 million of which are from PC and Xbox you can imagine the platform of the rest of the players.

PUBG Mobile is the most downloaded smartphone arcade game of all time in both Android and IOS platforms. The reviewers have praised the game and (funnily enough) the mobile version of the game is a lot stable, responsive compared to the PC or Xbox version. The number of players was increasing at such a rapid pace that they had to create separate servers for different regions of the world. The free to play game also snatched some players from its PC version too. The multiplayer action adventure arcade had some controlling disadvantages on the pocketed devices, though the game ran pretty well the competition was looking kinda dumb. Players wanted that competitive feel of the PC version of the game, and it led to the development of the official PUBG mobile emulator called Tencent gaming buddy.

The requirements to run PUBG on PC were so huge that many of the players who wanted to pay for the game could not get the game. But because of the Tencent gaming buddy (and other android emulators), your five-year-old PC can easily run PUBG. There are two methods to play PUBG mobile on your PC let’s see how you can use any of them.

Official way (Tencent gaming buddy)

Starting with the official way of playing PUBG mobile on PC, Tencent mobile released the official PUBG emulator which can b downloaded if you follow this link. It is called Tencent gaming buddy; after downloading the gaming buddy through your browser, it will download and install the emulator automatically. Once it is done, you would have to open it, and it will automatically download the PUBG mobile game. Once downloaded it will ask you to restart the emulator. Restart the emulator, and you will see one of the three loading screens of PUBG mobile. The emulator is still in its Beta form, you may expect some hiccups and mishaps, but the overall gameplay would be a lot better than your smartphone.

They have incorporated full functionality of mouse and keyboard with exactly the same controls as the PC version of the game. The only change is the use of the ‘Ctrl’ button, it will disable the camera functionality of the mouse, and the mouse pointer will pop up on the screen. The only downside of playing on this emulator is that you may not get the chicken dinner as many times as you would have gotten during your smartphone gameplay. The reason being more competitive gameplay.

Custom way (Bluestacks or any other emulator)

                If you do not want to use the Tencent gaming buddy, then you can use any other android emulator. However, we would recommend using Bluestacks since it is the most stable emulator and was produced to port Android games to PC. So, playing PUBG mobile on Bluestacks would make sense. The method is again very straightforward. Download Bluestacks from this link, it will download additional files automatically. Once done, the setting up process is the same as the setting up process of any Android smartphone. Once you are in the emulator, find PUBG and then install it from Play store. When you are in the game, click the mouse and keyboard icon from the bottom, and you will start using a mouse and keyboard.

The ‘Ctrl’ button has different functionality here; it will not disable the camera. Rather it will use to go prone, and the shift will be used to crouch. There is no button to get the mouse pointer on the screen. The biggest disadvantage of using this emulator is that you would have very less competition, almost all other players would be playing on their smartphones and thus would be at a disadvantage.

That’s all for PUBG and PUBG mobile on PC. Hope you would have a better experience playing the game on your PC. If that is the case, please share your experience with us down in the comment section.




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