How To Play PUBG Like A Pro – The Ultimate Guide

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The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the hottest game around these days and is attracting all sorts of gamer out there with its impressive gameplay. It is basically a death-match survival game in which around 100 players parachute from a plane on to an island where you search for weapons and gears and your only task is to fight other players and be the last one standing. Also, you need to look out for the constantly shrinking circle that appears on your map else it will damage your player’s health.

If you have also decided to give this game a shot and are looking for the best tips and strategies then look no further as you have just landed on the right page. We have brought an ultimate guide that will help you to play this game like a pro. So without further ado let’s get started.

  • Turn Your Foliage Settings To Low:

The very first and basic thing tip that I have for you is to go in your game’s graphics settings and turn down the Foliage settings to low. Unfortunately, this is not going to make the game look as pretty as it does when it’s on high or ultra but considering that it renders thick grass or bushes it gives you a huge advantage to set this to low. As you might think that you are laying down on thick grass and nobody can see you but in fact, on other players screen you are just laying down on the side of a naked hilltop, so make sure to set this setting to low.

  • Where To Jump Out:

The first decision that you will have to make is this game is to figure out where to jump, there are several hotspot areas for loot all over the map but the best areas can become heavily contested and if you go to one of these locations you are more likely to start out with good weapons but only if you can survive the early fight.

The alternative is to go for a remote area, you would not probably find as much good loot here but you are less likely to run into other players early on giving you more freedom to explore and some time to adjust to the surroundings. But if you land land near other players it will greatly increase the chance that the player loots the weapon before you knock you out and boom it’s game over.

Image by Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • Looting:

Now that your feet are on the ground it is time to start looting, early on grab anything you could find. You will be able to drop things later as you find better loot but for start, a crappy gun is better than no gun when the bullets start flying. As you progress in the game you will find more gear and then it is about which ones you stick with, I would recommend you to stick with longer range weapons as they will allow to zoom in on the subject and shoot someone far.

  • Equipment:

There are three basic types of equipment in the game; backpack, armor and helmet. The backpack simply gives you more carrying capacity, armor lets you survive more hits than you normally would and the helmet protects your head. The equipment also has levels and the higher the level the better the gear.

Also, keep an eye out for attachments like scopes, suppressors and stocks to improve your weapon. You can equip the attachment by dragging it and dropping it on the highlighted slot in inventory.

Image by Gamepur
  • Medkits and Energy Drinks:

In the game you will also find items that will heal your character, things like bandages and medkits will heal you instantly while painkillers and energy drinks will fill your boost bar above your health bar. The more boost you have the more perks you will get like the first part of the bar provides healing over time, the second part increases that healing even more, the third one adds a sprint speed increase and the fourth makes you go even faster.

Image by Ali Express
  • The Enclosing Circle:

If you look at the map you will notice a big circle which constantly gets smaller and smaller restricting the play area. This forces the players to fight each other rather than just staying in their little camping spots hiding throughout the match. If you get caught outside of the circle you will start taking damage so always be aware how close you are. There will be two circles, the blue line one indicates where the circle currently is and the white line one indicates where it will head next.

Imae by Reddit

From time to time you will also see a red circle appear on your map and if it is on top of you then it’s time to move as these marks are about to be bombed, either escape the radius or get inside a building to avoid it.

So this was all the basics that you need to know about the game to get a better understanding of how to succeed in the battleground. If you tips and strategies that you would like to sure then make sure to drop down a comment below.

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