Important things nobody told you about making money through Youtube

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Youtube, the hub of the video content, the biggest video-sharing website, the house of advertising and a constant entertainment provider has its solid reasons for being everyone’s favorite website since its day one.

Initiated in 2005, Youtube quickly grabbed the attention of internet audience and was soon crowded with traffic constantly flooding in. Internet users realized that Youtube has a lot more to offer other than information and entertainment. It can become a permanent source of income for people who know how to produce entertaining, informative and unique content.

Lucky were those people who established their places on Youtube during its early years, when the competition was relatively low. Those people, called as Youtubers, are now famous on Internet worldwide, having subscribers in millions on their channel.

These well known Youtube celebrities are earning $100,000 – $130,000 annually, which is quite a handsome amount for you to leave every other work and enjoy life on your own terms and conditions.

The top and highest subscribed channel of Youtube, “PewDiePie” having more than 57 million subscribers at the moment reported to have earned the owner $12 millions in the year 2015. Depending on the views each video receives, you earn bucks, and PewDiePie has his views of each video in billions. Now you can imagine why Time magazine had put him in the list of The 100 most influential people.

The other top channels like HolaSoyGerman, Smosh, iiSuperwomanii etc enjoy almost the same fortune as PewDiePie but Youtube isn’t just about the top subscribed channel and the Youtube stars. Anyone from anywhere can utilize this great video-sharing website for making money if the content they upload is interesting, unique and original.

Yeah, you must be aware of this already before you started your channel and if you were hardworking with your work, chances are that you have done it right but if, still, you are not receiving the amount you had expected, that’s because Youtube has its own way of ranking up the content on their site.

Believe it or not, but Youtube does have its own obligations and plans for what they need on top and what has to wait until they decide to rank it up. But things become easy for Youtuber if he/she knows how the algorithm of Youtube works and what is required to be done exactly to be .

We have put down everything here about how Youtube works and how you can use Youtube the right way in order to make handsome amount of money. So.. The first and the foremost thing a wannabe Youtuber has to do is…


The route to building up a successful Youtube channel is through research. Even before you create your channel on Youtube, you have to come up with a solid plan for making sure that it gets you money. And for that, you have to be ‘Woke’ and informed about the latest trends.

Investigate, watch and observe the activities of famous Youtube channel. It is also true that you’ll rarely find someone with a complete unique idea being done on their channel, mostly people do copy others but in a different way; they make it more interesting by adding more content to it, so that they don’t get caught violating copy rights.

It’s easy for you to do the same. We aren’t encouraging copying of content though; a totally unique idea has its own charm but for the start up, you can learn from others, pick up their stuff that you think you can present in a more interesting way and go ahead.

For example, the videos of slime, cutting of kinetic sand, ASMR sound videos are quite popular these days on Youtube, as well as Instagram. People find them satisfying, hence spend hours watching them.

We don’t know who came up with the original idea of playing with slimes or kinetic sand or soothing sound effect, but whoever did, created a new way for many newbie people to earn easy cash through Youtube. There are many channels producing such satisfying videos now, by doing different experiments, and making them more and more interesting. And their efforts are making them do extremely good with the views.

So the lesson learnt here is that as much as you are informed about the likes and dislikes of the audience, you’ll have more grasp on producing quality content. And it will become easy for you too. It all depends on how much you know!

Effective Video Title and Thumbnail:

After coming up with a solid plan and done creating your own Youtube channel, your first video before going live must need a perfect title that assures more views and clicks on it.

How to craft a perfect title for your Youtube video? well, it’s not a difficult task if you know the right keyword of your story. As we mentioned above, that before your content production, you should research and know what people are interested to watch, this implies on your video title too.

Finding the most searched relevant keyword and using it in your title will get you instant views, as your video will have more chances to show up on Youtube’s top pages. There are few tools available that help finding top trending keywords for free, for example; Google Keyword Planner, Adwords keyword planner and even the AutoSearch on Youtube’s search bar is a great help in this regard.

Most trending keywords give you lots of ideas about what you should be working on for your videos. Google trends is a good source for that, as well as forums like Quora or Reddit are a must visit if you are thinking to make an interactive video on any current topic.

Using the keyword, title should be catchy and the thumbnail you set for the video should be attention-grabbing at an instant sight. Some youtubers really go out of the way to make sure their title and thumbnail are engaging and catchy, like ending up turning their titles as clickbait which gets annoying for people when they don’t find the video content as promised in the title, may also result in unsubscribing the channel. So it’s better that you use creativity for your title only and not the ‘fake news’.

Youtube Algorithm:

Youtube values the content that brings more views to their website. Channels who frequently post on daily basis have more chances to grab the attention of Youtube as well as its audience.

However Youtube Algorithm is a tricky thing to understand; no one really knows the exact working of its algorithm. But experts claim that Youtube algorithm works same as Google does when it comes to views.

The unique and interesting content that keeps the audience watch the entire video is youtube’s favorite. Youtube watches that how long a viewer stayed on your video. If your video is an hour long and the viewer visited it only for 30 second or a minute, chances are that youtube might think you are not worth enough.

Youtube also filters the content using the titles and hashtags you used in the video. It also values those channels who bring traffic to Youtube from other social websites like facebook, instagram etc; which means you should create an fb, twitter or insta page for the promotion of your work, put your channel’s link on them and keep sharing it around. Here’s some more info you can find about Youtube Algorithm.

So these are some important things you should take into consideration before starting to choose Youtube career. Everybody has some sort of talent that he/she can show to the world and Youtube is the best source for that, but learn the skills to present yourself the right way!

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