How to make free Conference Calls on iPhone – Easy way!

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Cellular calling has certainly made life easier and successfully bridged the communication gap, but with increased facilitation, demands also touch the peak. A one to one call was no solution for mass discussions and to wrap up business deals or even to plan a simple surprise for a friend, hence came forward the cutting-edge feature of conference call.

But what if I were to tell you that you can make these conference calls anywhere, anytime and that too free of cost!

An epic news for the iPhone users, you guys get to make free conference calls from your iphone, without worrying about the extra charges, or the hassle to remember the long access codes or the long phone numbers. Just possess an iPhone and the required contact numbers, for iPhone has made creating and hosting a small conference call pretty easy.

The feature being built-in in the iPhone’s phone app can support up to five callers at once on AT&T and T-Mobile, in the U.S. Whereas the Sprint and the Verizon app allows 3 callers including you to participate in a conference call. However, the later versions of the cell allow up to six callers to take part in the conference call.

Before we get on to how to make one conference call on our iPhone, below are some unusually cool features you can access during a conference call;

  • iPhone is a two-line phone; one line is for your usual one on one call while the other for the conference calling.
  • Annoyed by some person on your conference call, say them bye bye, by tapping on the conference button then the red button appearing next to the call!
  • Suddenly hit with some secret idea not willing to share with the rest, talk one-to-one with the desired person during the conference call. Tap conference then tap private next to the caller you wanna go hush hush with.
  • Enter a new incoming call to the conference, by simply tapping hold, answer call and then merge call.

And here is how you go about making a conference call;

  1. Start by calling the first participant of the conference call.
  2. Once connected to the user, tap Add Call, this would put the current user on hold.
  3. The Add call option takes you to browse your contact list, select your next participant and then tap Merge calls, once the participant answers the call.
  4. Repeat the steps to add more callers.

It’s fairly simple, as can been seen above. Similarly following are the steps you need to follow with Verizon or Sprint;

  1. Call the first participant.
  2. Upon his/her picking up, tap on Add call.
  3. Browse your contact list or simply type the number on the keypad for your third participant.
  4. Tap Merge calls, to get into a conference with the two of them.

Another cool feature apart from conference call is the swap call. As the name suggests, you get to swap between two calls at a given time. Without conferencing, you get to choose to flip between two calls, which can be achieved Swap calls button.

The way you go about this is, if you are already on a call, and receive another incoming call, tap the Swap calls button. This would put the current caller on hold whereas, you get to take the next incoming call. Similarly, tap the button again to get back to the previous call.

iPhone, invented to bring ease is definitely doing its job to facilitate it users. These extremely useful calling features are only a small portion of the awesomeness these Apple designed sets carry!

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