How to Jailbreak iPhone (iOS 13.3) and bypass iCloud (Easy method)

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Jailbreaking iPhones has been going on for a long time now. It is mal-practice, but there are loopholes in the seemingly perfect IOS operating system that allows these developers to pass through the security barriers that Apple has placed. For a simple consumer, these barriers are placed to keep their privacy in check and to prevent their device from any harmful software. On the other hand, there is a demographic that wants the goods from the IOS but does not want its closed structure. For those people, Jailbroken iPhones are a way to go.

If you are one of those people, we have an easier way to Jailbreak your iPhone. We’ll take you through the steps required to Jailbreak your iPhone and bypass the iCloud barrier if your phone is locked. Please take into account that we are in no way endorsing the practice. It is advised to stay away from doing it if you are unsure about your decision at any moment. Your precious iPhone may die if anything goes wrong.

Before entering into the process, please make sure that you have backed-up your data on a separate device.

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  • You obviously have to have an iPhone running on IOS 12.3 or above. The tool will work with the latest IOS 13.3 as well.
  • A Windows or Linux based computer with a decent processor either from AMD or Intel.
  •  A pen drive of equal to or more than 16GB space will be required to create a bootable drive.
  • You will need the tool itself. The tool is called Ra1nusb. Download it via the link here.
  • You also need to flash the tool onto the USB drive. Download balenaEtcher through this link or use any flash tool that you’d like.



  • Download the files depending upon your processor from the links above.
  • Now connect the Pen drive and open the Flash tool. Select your downloaded file, then through the tool, select your Pen drive and then flash it. It will take some time, depending upon the processing power of your CPU.
  • Once it is done, you will not see your pen drive in the file explorer. Do not panic; it means the drive has been flashed successfully. The flash tool essentially has unmounted your drive.
  • Insert the pen drive again. The name of the drive, as well as the storage demographics, will be changed.
  • Now copy the file config.plist from your download folder. You have to paste it using this directory. My Computer->RA1NUSBBOT->EFI->CLOVER. Replace the file already present in the directory.
  • Now restart into the BIOS settings and select UEFI: (the name of your pen drive) and boot your PC through the drive.
  • You will boot into the CLOVER BOOT manager; here, you will see different options that are found in the BIOS setup.
  • From the Boot manager head over to options and then click graphics injector settings. Confirm that injectorATI is checked and then reboot.
  • Apple logo will appear. Once the loading screen ends, click continue and enter Ra1nusb UI.
  • Connect your iPhone (turned off) via lightning cable.
  • Now click on utilities and select terminal once the terminal window opens type “ra1nusb” and press enter.
  • It will put your iPhone into recovery mode and select start.
  • Hold power and volume down button. The pop-up screen will guide you with the process.
  • First release the power button, the screen will update and then release other buttons too.
  • The Apple logo will appear, and the loading screen will appear. Once the loading screen ends, your device will be Jailbroken successfully.
  • Click done and close checkra1n.

iCloud Bypass

Note: please do not reboot your iPhone when it is Jailbroken. The iCloud bypass process follows right after it, and it requires a jailbroken iPhone.

  • Follow the steps mentioned above until you are at the terminal window.
  • Now type “ra1nusb-bypass” and press enter.
  • On the pop-up window, click USB and then click “move iCloud to Trash.”
  • Once it is done, the iPhone will reboot itself.
  • On the other pop-up window, click Fix, it will bypass the iCloud authentication.
  • Connect to the internet and Open the Ra1nusb app already installed on the phone and click Cydia and then accept.
  • Wait for it to download and install Cydia.
  • Add your Apple Id, and you have successfully bypassed iCloud verification.

If you require a video tutorial, then head over to the link here.


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