How to fix voice chat problems in PUBG mobile?

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PUBG mobile is undoubtedly one of the hottest shooting games these days. We can’t thank their developers enough for providing the kind of battle royale experience we always dreamed about; PUBG has definitely made it true and set examples for others to follow.

Being the best of the battle royale game, one can’t simply keep playing it solo as playing in duo or squad doubles the fun. Whether you are playing with random people online or your friends, for a good strategic game, you need to communicate in order to coordinate with your duo or squad players.

Even though PUBG mobile runs smoothly in both Android and iOS, sometimes like every other online multiplayer game, it faces minor glitches too. The most common one is when your voice chat stops working and your mates can’t hear you. In this case, there are number of things you can try to fix the issue right at the moment and get going with your game.

1 – Repair

Chances are high that only repairing your game would fix your issue right there. All you have to do it whenever you’re having voice chat issues, just close the game, open it back and click on ‘Repair’ button on the right side of the first screen that shows up. Once it’s done, you can get back into your game and the issue won’t be there to bother you anymore, hopefully.

However, the glitch causing voice failure could have multiple reasons and you could try multiple things to fix it. So if the problem persists, try another solution.

2 – Turn Off/On your Mic

After adding your duo or squad partners in the game, all of you must turn off both the mic and speaker before entering into the battle. Keep the mic and speaker off until the battle has begun – this will help the game servers run smoothly without having to cause any sort of glitch. Keeping less activity before the battle begins also helps with it. Once you have landed, you can turn your mics and speakers on. Patience is definitely the key here!

3 – Minimize

The most irritating voice chat error is when it occurs in the middle of the game. You and your squad are having good luck with everything from the start of the battle and boom, all of a sudden, you all have lost your voices. In that case, Minimizing your screen would hopefully return your voice. Minimize the game and maximize it back, give it a little time and the issue will be fixed. I have personally tried all these techniques, and it did work for me. It could work for you too.

4 – Go into Settings

This might sound a bit silly but i wouldn’t lie, it worked for me too. You just have to go into the Settings where you’ll see an option of ‘Customer Service’ on the bottom left of the screen. Just open it and close it back. That’s it! It works just like minimizing the game and opening it back. If you’re a iPhone user, this option would work better for you than minimizing.

5 – Switch Server

If everything fails, this would definitely. Try switching servers when the voice chat is not working. Sometimes when there’s a heavy traffic on one servers, glitches happen. So just switch on the other server and try again. If this didn’t work either; please know that it is not you or your squad alone, games like PUBG and Fortnite do have voice issues sometimes but they occur for a short span of time and immediately recover. Patience is again the key here!

But do try these options I explained above and if they worked for me, don’t forget to thank me in the comments below. Happy shooting in the video game!


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