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How to Fix Server Connection error in Rainbow Six Siege?

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Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter game developed and published by Ubisoft. It is one of the most popular tactical and shooting games out there with a player base of greater than 60 million. Released in 2015, it still hasn’t lost its value and competition and its player base seems to grow continuously.

Rainbow Six Siege Server Error and Fixes

Whenever joining the game, the most common error users face is the server connection error which stops them from enjoying the game. The server error can arise due to a slow or interrupted connectivity issue.

Another major reason for such errors and glitches is the large downloadable content that’s constantly being downloaded in the background. Furthermore, the high player count can increase the strain and load on the game servers. This can lead to long player queues and tons of connection requests resulting in players having to wait for a long time, which can be quite annoying.

Rainbow six siege

However such issues are resolved usually by the Rainbow Six Siege devs through updates that tend to fix bugs. Having said that, if you are still experiencing server connection issues, there are some other methods you can try to resolve them (3-0x0001000B) at your end and enjoy Rainbow Six Siege action to the fullest:

1. Restart your game, and look for updates.

Ah! The classic method to get problems fixed. If you see a server connection issue once you hop into the game, close the application and restart it. This method tends to kill any disturbing process as well as frees the memory from the system. This method works often and it might help you as well.

In addition to this do check your game is updated to the latest version since the version might have patched-up such issues making the gaming experience better. To update Rainbow Six Siege to the latest version on your consoles, visit the PlayStation Store on your Ps4, and for Xbox, visit the Xbox game store. To update the game on your PC/laptops you can look for an update in steam.

2. Restart your Internet connection or use Ethernet

One common reason for server connection error in Rainbow six siege could be your slow and unstable internet connection. Multiple users on the same network could also be causing connectivity issues. Furthermore, if your router isn’t the best, it can get clogged up as well. One better method is to reduce user load on the router and restart your internet device to stabilize the connection.

Just turn off your router and restart it after 15-20 seconds. If you wish to enjoy a fast and stable connection, we recommend you to connect your router with your device via an Ethernet cable as it provides a smooth and uninterrupted network flow.

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3. Rebuilding the game database on consoles

Just like in PC you defragment your hard drive for fast and smooth performance, console players can rebuild the database to ensure their device works faster and remove any problem with the memory as sometimes corrupted memory can halt your online gaming experience as well as downloading content, game updates and software updates. Rebuilding the database can fix your bugs. On PS4 or PS5, you can rebuild the database by the following method:-

  • First, boot your console in safe mode. It can be done by long-pressing the power button until you hear the beep sound.
  • From the menu select the ‘Rebuild Database’ option.
  • Your device will go into the rebuilding process and the screen will go blank. It will take some time so set back and wait for it to restart.

4. Check Drivers

Rainbow Six Siege is an old game now so expecting one of those fancy Game Ready NVIDIA drivers is out of the question. However, the game continues to be updated visually and thus, always requires up-to-date graphics card drivers. Usually, the GPU drivers are set to automatically update but sometimes, people prefer to turn that off because updates can sometimes break stuff as well.

If you’re one of those people who have turned off automatic updates, you can manually download Graphics Card drivers for both AMD and NVIDIA. Just use the NVIDIA/AMD app or head over to the links given below.

AMD Graphics Card Drivers
NVIDIA Graphics Card Drivers

5. Switch Rainbow Six Siege Servers manually

In this fix, we will talk about how to change your game servers manually to see if other servers are working fine for you to enjoy the game rather than waiting in a long queue. For this follow the steps given below:-

  • Go to ‘My Documents’ folder on PC
  • Go to the ‘My Games’ folder and inside it, look for the folder named ‘Rainbow Six Siege’
  • In that folder go for folder named “7564b1ec-0856-4f93-8aef-71232c035d75” and keep an eye on “GameSettings.ini” file
  • Open the Gamesetting.ini file in notepad by right-clicking on it.
  • Scroll down to find their server setting, and it would be set to ‘default’. You need to change your server from default to the server of your choice. Trying picking servers close to your location since your ping will increase depending on how far you’re from the game servers.
  • Once finished, save the file by pressing ‘ctrl + s’ and start your game.

6. Verify Integrity of Rainbow Six Siege game files

Sometimes your game files could be corrupted or not download properly. For this, run an integrity check for your game files and it can fix your game issues by removing corrupted files and downloading them from servers and it could help to resolve this issue. To run the file integrity test follow the steps given below:-

  • Open your Steam application and go to Library.
  • Right-click on Rainbow six siege and select properties, given at the last of the list.
  • Go to the local files section and select the ‘Verify integrity of game files’ option,
  • The process will start at once and it may take some time.

If your game still gives your server connection issues despite trying all the above methods, the only option you are left with is to contact the Ubisoft support team and send them a ticket and inform them of all the steps you have tried to resolve the issue so that they can pinpoint the real issue you are facing.

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