How To Earn Millions Of Dollars In GTA V through Heists Missions

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Do you play Grand Theft Auto 5 and want to earn millions of dollars in the game? then you have just come to the right place.

There are five heists missions in the game. If these missions are properly executed and completed, you will successfully earn millions of dollars. This Guide will provide you step by step instructions on how to successfully​ accomplish these missions and earn the maximum amount of the money possible.

But before we begin you must know that there are spoilers ahead so if you have not actually played these missions or if you don’t want to know what happens then you must read the title of the heists first.

In these heists, you will serve as the group leader and you will sum up the money before the heists begin. This money is used to acquire the weapons and the equipment and will be re earned at the end of each mission. The leader will not get any percentage​ of the money before all the five heists are completed. To become a crew leader you must at least be on 12 rank in Online mode and must own an expensive apparent.

• Mission No. 1 – The Jewel Store Job:

The most effective crew for this mission is of 3 people including Packie McReary as the Gunman, Karim Denz as the Driver and Rickie Lukens as the Hacker. Packie McReary is the best choice because​ he performs very well, same as Gustavo Mota and will also cost 2% less than him.

In order to unlock Packie to join your crew, you must finish his mission where he is robbing a store close to Franklin’s home. Karim is not the best driver available but he is a good choice because he takes 6% less money of the heist than Edie Toh. The only problem is that you have to ride the street bikes on dirt which is a bit harder but over all Karim Denz is the best choice considering the sum of money he takes. You do not need lots of time to rob all the jewelry from the store so Rickie Lukens will do the job here. He will provide you with enough time you need to rob down the whole jewelry store.

• Mission No. 2 – The Merryweather Heist:

This mission won’t earn you any money no matter how you do it. So there is no special strategy for the completion of this heist. All you need to do is to pass the mission in order to proceed to the next level.

• Mission No. 3 – The Paleto Score:

The best Gunman choice for this heist is still Packie McReary or you can also go with the chef. In this mission, you lose money if you or any of your crew member gets shot in the back. The starting sum of the money is $8,016,020. If you choose Norm Richard or Daryl John for your gunman, he will end up being hit by a police car and pinned against the wall. You will have to leave him behind then which will cause you to lose a third part of the money. However, you can pick his money back up.

  • Mission No. 4 – The Bureau Raid:

The Best group for this job is of Rickie Lukens as the Hacker, Taliana Martinez as the Driver and Norm Richards as the Gunman. You can also use Karim Denz if you do not have Taliana Martinez.

In this mission, only Franklin gets the money. Rickie works fine in helping you navigate the mini hacking game, if you bring a better Hacker, he will work fast but that is not necessary. Norm Richards gets his job done as the Gunman. Taliana is the best driver you can get and she performs as good as Edie Toh and charges 9% less.

You can find her on the side of the free way in the north east area, you will have to drive her to Sandy Shores before she dies. Taliana will be holding up outside the ambulance enabling you to drive past the police without pulling in their consideration. If you do this heist using Karim it is much likely that you will get cops attention cause he arrives late and then you will have to lose the cops, Norm Richards will start shooting which will increase the wanted level.

  • Mission No. 5 – The Big Score:

This is the biggest heist of all, you will be needing two drivers one for helicopter and the other one for the train, you will also be needing two gunmen. Taliana Martinez is chosen to drive the Helicopter and Karim Denz will be driving the train. Taliana Martinez only costs 5% of the money. Make sure to choose the cheapest gunmen you can find as it is not going to affect the mission in any way. You can use Chef and Norm Richards as your gunmen. If you properly execute everything you will be earning $41,664,000 per character.

If you follow each of these instructions carefully, you will be able to earn the maximum amount of dollars possible. However, if you fail to do so there is the ability to replay these missions. You will end up with a total of $200,000,000 or even more.

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