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How to customize Samsung Galaxy phones using Good Lock on One UI

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One UI 2.0, which is Samsung’s UI over Android 10 has started rolling out on Samsung Galaxy devices around the world like the S10 and Note 10. While the original One UI was a radical change in direction for Samsung, bringing much-needed simplifications to the entire interface, One UI 2.0 is more of an iterative update. We still have most of the best features from Android 9.0 Pie but with small additions.

For example, the gestures have been changed to match the current Android 10 standards. In addition to that, Samsung has also done subtle tweaks like renaming night mode to dark mode and improved UI within the camera app. However, despite these new additions, One UI is still not the most customizable UIs out there. For instance, if you don’t like the new recent apps screen, you cannot really change it.

One UI

Thankfully, there is a way to take full advantage of your Samsung Galaxy device and customize every aspect of the user interface. Furthermore, these tweaks don’t even require you to root your device or any other complicated procedures so pretty much everyone can do this.

How to get the best out of Samsung One UI

Good Lock

Good Lock is an official Samsung app with a bunch of different modules that allow you to customize your device in ways you didn’t think were possible. The app is fully supported on most Galaxy flagship devices with partial support for mid-range devices like the A series. However, Good Lock cannot be officially downloaded in most regions outside of Korea through the Galaxy store so, you’ll have to sideload the app and its modules.

Now, let’s take a look at how you can get Good Lock on your phone running One UI and customize it.

How to install Good Lock on One UI

Firstly, you need a Samsung Galaxy device with One UI on it. Most flagship devices from Samsung Galaxy S8 onward fully support Good Lock with One UI while the mid-range and budget devices support most modules for Good Lock except a few.

Good Lock
Credits: Android Soul

Since Good Lock isn’t officially supported outside the Korean region, you need to download an app that will allow you to manage all of your Good Lock modules. NiceLock is an app that lets you manage all of your Good Lock modules in one place. You can either download NiceLock by searching for it on Google Play Store or via this link.

Once NiceLock has been downloaded, you need to move on to downloading Good Lock. Sadly, you cannot download it directly from the Galaxy Store and need to sideload it instead. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Download the latest version of Samsung Good Lock apk file from here.
  2. Once downloaded, open the file and install it.
  3. If installation from other sources hasn’t been allowed yet, you can either do that by following the prompt when you try to install the app or by enabling it in the settings. Here’s how:
    • Go into Settings and open the Apps settings.
    • Click the three dots on the top right corner and select Special Access.
    • Under Special Access, select Install Unknown apps.
    • Now, look for the browser that you downloaded the app with (e.g. Chrome) and check the Allow from this source option inside.

Once Good Lock has been installed, you’re all set to download and install different modules for it depending on what you wish to do. The installation process for each of these modules is the same as Good Lock. Once downloaded, you can access all of them through the NiceLock app. Here’s a full list with download links of all the available Good Lock modules alongside explanations for what each one of them does.


MultiStar is a Samsung Good Lock module which, as the name suggests, allows a greater control over multi-window app usage. While Samsung already allows multiple windows and split screen on One UI, the features are limited to only a few approved apps. However, with MultiStar, you can allow split screen and multi window on all of the apps. Furthermore, you can also adjust other things like transparency of pop-out windows and floating notifications.

Download MultiStar


LockStar, as the name suggests, is a Samsung Good Lock module for customizing your lock screen. It allows subtle customization like adjusting the position of the clock, adding up to 6 different app shortcuts, and adding different widgets to your lock screen.

Good lOck lockstar

In addition to that, the module also allows you to change unlocking methods. Once you’ve customized the lock screen to your liking, you can then save the style and switch between different configurations.

Download LockStar


NotiStar, as the name suggests, is a Good Lock module that manages notifications on your Samsung Galaxy device. While there is already some functionality available on stock One UI for managing your notifications, it is still fairly limited. However, NotiStar allows you to manage your notifications much more efficiently. For instance, you can put different types of notifications into different categories so they are separated. You can also do other things like searching for delivered notifications.

Download NotiStar

Task Changer

If you’re not too fond of the app switching screen on One UI and want to change the way it looks, Task Changer is the one for you. The app allows you to change the look of your app changing screen ranging from scrolling lists to a carousel effect.

You can also choose other things like centering the current app and adding a blur effect to the background while switching between apps. In our experience, switching apps with Task Changer is actually much faster than stock One UI.

Download Task Changer

NavStar is a Good Lock module that allows you to customize the navigation bar. While One UI has introduced new gestures and also the ability to hide the navigation bar altogether, they can get a bit overwhelming at times. In addition to that, the simplicity of the buttons on the navigation bar cannot be undermined. NavStar, therefore, allows you to change the colour of the navigation bar, add custom images to it and also change the buttons on it.

Download NavStar


Quickstar Goodlock

The quick settings menu on One UI has been streamlined with better one-handed reach and a simpler interface. However, if you don’t like the new changes made by Samsung, you can change them using QuickStar. This Good Lock module allows you to customize the quick settings menu in different ways including the color and transparency of the menu. In addition to that, you can also add  multi-window apps to your quick settings menu using QuickStar.

Download QuickStar


Routines is arguably one of the most useful modules for the Samsung Good Lock app. However, the use case can be very limited depending on what type of user you are. Basically, Routines allows you to set up custom routines for your phone via a single tap to perform a number of tasks at once.

For example, you could set up a routine that automatically switches over to the dark mode and then opens up a certain app in a single click. These routines can also be set to trigger at a chosen time of day.

Download Routines

Edge Lighting+

Edge Lighting is one of the most beloved features of new Samsung Galaxy devices. The edges of the screen lighting up with different effects when a notification pops up just adds a very subtle touch that makes your device feel premium. Edge Lighting+ is a Good Lock module that takes the edge lighting to a whole new level adding a bunch of customization options that allow you to change the colour and style of the lighting.

good lock edge lighting

In addition to that, you can also choose the behaviour of Edge Lighting for each individual app and also change the position for it. For instance, you can choose to have Edge Lighting around the camera cutout on Samsung Galaxy S10, Note 10 or other devices with punch hole cameras. Or, you could have it just around the notch on other devices.

Download Edge Lighting+

One Hand Operation+

On Samsung One UI, one-handed operation takes the center stage with usable windows dragged down to the bottom half of the screen for better reach. In addition to that, there is also a dedicated one hand mode that shrinks the screen to around 2/3rds of its size so you can use your phone with one hand.

One Hand Operation+ goes overboard with that concept and adds tons of functionality for single-handed usage. For instance, you can custom gestures and resize different buttons that suit your hand and reach.

Download One Hand Operation+


While Samsung does offer a range of different clock styles on the lock screen and the Always on display on One UI, they’re fairly simple and vanilla. However, the Samsung Good Lock module called Clockface adds over a dozen more styles for your lock screen and Always on display clocks.

Clockface goodlock

Once installed, you can access these additional clock faces either via NiceLock or through the normal clock settings by tapping on the additional clocks icon.

Download Clockface

Edge Touch

Samsung Galaxy flagship devices are known for their curved edges. Back when they were added in the original Note Edge, people thought of them as a gimmick. The edges do offer some functionality though with the ability to quickly pull a menu from the side with different tools, widgets and information.

However, the cost of that functionality comes in the form of accidental touches as your palm rests on the edge of the screen while using the phone. So, Edge Touch is a Good Lock module that prevents accidental touches by setting touch detection boundaries around the curved edges of the device.

Download Edge Touch

Nice Catch

A lot of times, certain apps on your device can catch you off guard by either vibrating or blasting the ringtone without any authorization. These apps also do a good job of being fairly stealthy so it is hard to point out which app is randomly making your device vibrate or wake up.

So, in order to find that culprit, you can use the Samsung Good Lock module, Nice Catch. It alerts you about the apps that make your phone vibrate, ring and wake up so you can disable those in the settings.

Download Nice Catch

Sound Assistant

One UI offers a bunch of different customization options for the type of sound you want coming from your device. You can set the Dolby Atmos settings to movies, music or games or change the equalizer settings for music in the music app. Those settings are still fairly vanilla and limited to certain apps though so, to unlock the full audio potential of your device, you need Sound Assistant.

sound assistant good lock

Sound Assistant allows you to adjust the volume for every single app individually with over 150 steps of fine volume control. In addition to that, the Good Lock module also adds a floating equalizer and the ability to save sound profiles so you can switch them around on the go. Furthermore, you can also do other cool things like switching the audio channels of your headphones.

Download Sound Assistant

Nice Shot

Nice Shot is a Samsung Good Lock module that adds the functionality of a native screen recorder to your device. However, if you have a Samsung Galaxy device running Android 10 and One UI 2.0 or above, you already have a native screen recorder on your device and don’t need to download Nice Shot. If you’re still on previous versions though, Nice Shot is very handy.

It adds the ability to record your screen with system or microphone sounds. Furthermore, you can also choose the quality of the recording or type of file for your recording or screenshot. In order to use screen recording on Nice Shot though, you need to turn on smart capture under advanced features in the settings of your device.

Download Nice Shot

Theme Park

Theme Park is a very cleverly named Good Lock module that allows you to customize and play around with different themes. This is a newer addition to the Good Lock modules and brings some fresh new functionality to an already customizable theme engine on One UI.

Theme park good lock

With Theme Park, you can do things like extracting dominant colors from your wallpaper and use those around the interface, much like Windows 10. You can also mix and match different aspects of different themes to create your own new style.

Download Theme Park

Each of these modules for Samsung Good Lock have very unique functionality that enhances your overall experience with One UI. Honestly, Samsung should add these features in by default but maybe these will trickle in eventually with updates much like Nice Shot has with One UI 2.0.

If any of these modules causes problems with your device or doesn’t work, it may not be supported on your device sadly. In that case, you can remove the module by going into the Apps menu under settings and uninstalling it.




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