How to check your iPhone’s warranty and repair coverage

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When it comes to quality and support in the mobile phone industry, perhaps Apple is arguably the best out there. Though it might sound like an exaggeration to some, it is indeed true to an extent.

Apple’s customer service is one of the many things which gives Apple an edge over its competitors. Although its products might not be cheap, at least it cares about its customers. This includes a limited one year Warranty period, with any of the Apple products. Though the warranty doesn’t include accidental damages, it does provide you an ease of mind, when it comes to hardware and repairs.

It is not very common to see Apple products failing at a hardware level, but like with any other electronics, it can happen. Therefore, it is better to keep a check on the warranty status of your device, so that you claim a defect under warranty before time runs out.

The best thing is that you can simply check the status online rather than increasing your phone bill by calling on automated IVR numbers or waste your type chatting with bots. To assist you in the matter, this article shall guide you on your way to know your device’s warranty status.

  • First of all head over to Check Coverage webpage on the Apple website.
  • The page which will open would need to enter your device’s serial number followed by a captcha.
    • If you don’t happen to know the device’s serial number then there is a short tutorial by Apple on the same webpage on how to do so. Mostly, it shall be under your device’s Settings -> General -> About. You can then copy paste the serial number from there if you are opening the website from your phone or manually enter it on the webpage.
  • After you have entered the captcha and pressed Enter, the page will redirect to a new one, where you can see the device’s current warranty status.
  • There will be a Valid Purchase Date. This is the actual date when the device was purchased as per Apple record.
  • There will also be Telephone Technical Support. This is for 90 days starting from buying date. If the three months of technical support over the phone are over, this would read “expired”.
  • The last one would be Repairs and Service Coverage. If your warranty days are over, then this shall also read

This is how easy it is to check your device’s remaining warranty online.

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