How to change your PSN account location/region to make purchase?

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Looking for a solution to change your PSN account location/region to make a purchase on your PS4? Well, the fact is that You can’t, unfortunately!

Once you have set your account country location, you can’t change it to another. You will have to get an another account made and set its location of the country you wish to keep. But as far as your current account is concerned, you can’t change its location once set, sadly.

But worry not! there are other ways to buy games for your PS4 if you are not in the country of your PSN account location. The issue arises in such situation is that your card is rejected because you were unable to put the address matched your card’s, as there’s no option given in PS4 to change the location and you’re stuck with the first one you made at first.

However, there’s a super effective and cheap way to buy games for your PS4.

Use Gift Cards:

Gift cards work like a digital currency for buying games. For example, pay $20 to buy a gift card having $20 worth of credit in it and it will allow you buy any game available in that price or less.

No matter in which country you’re in; paying for games through gift cards can be made from any country in the world. Even from the countries which aren’t on PSN list of locations such as Pakistan or Lithuania.

All you have to do is buy Playstation store gift cards and use them for buying games. How to do that?

First, we suggest you search for a good, reliable local store for games. There are many e-stores who sell gift cards and deliver the code within 24 hours. You can also buy gift cards from Amazon. They have different gift cards available at different price range. You can get your hands on a gift card ranging from as little as $10 to greater as $100.

Known as Cash cards on PSN store, you can buy gift cards directly from the official website of PlayStation as well. But i personally prefer buying cards from as they have a huge variety of gift cards for every country and are often available in discount prices too.

And here’s a tip for paying for the games in minimum prices through cards. As games are cheaper in USA and you have your account set on USA location, you should get a gift card of USA location only. It is also important to mention that before you buy any gift card, make sure it matches the location of your PSN account’s location too. For example, If your PSN account has UK as its default location, you must get a gift card of UK only. Otherwise, it would be a waste or you’ll have to make another account to use that gift card.

Buying gift cards of USA and using them in any country you want, would cost you cheap as the price of the game selected wouldn’t include the tax if it is bought from tax haven states of USA, like Florida or Oregon.

If you have any related question in mind, feel free ask in the comments below.


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