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How to Boost Download Speed for Hitman 3 on PC, Xbox, and PS5

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And so it begins. Just when we grew worried that 2021 is doomed to rehash the dourness of the previous year, Hitman 3 arrives. This flagship AAA title marks the most noteworthy, high-profile release since the disappointing Cyberpunk 2077. And of course, the game comes as a beacon of good tidings in the world of gaming. Anticipation around the final Hitman game in the trilogy has never peaked this much. While the end of Agent 47’s acclaimed story, rest assured that developers IO Interactive have more entries planned for the franchise.

Some controversy has already emerged even before the game’s release, unfortunately. This comes from a decision to force PC players, unlike their console brethren, to repurchase Hitman 2 just to enjoy the complete content. This announcement stems from Hitman 3’s exclusivity to Epic Games, whereas the predecessor was on Steam.

In a bid to make a quick buck, Epic Games expected PC players to repurchase Hitman 2 on their platform. Doing this became the only way to unlock the Hitman 2 related content. Following public outcry, the company announced its plan to change the situation somehow.

Hitman 3 downloads go live very soon, and the game is just a few hours from playability

While we hope Epic and IO Interactive sort out that unacceptable business plan, let’s not forget how close we have come to Hitman 3! Players need to focus on the present for now. If you load into the Epic Games Store or the Xbox Marketplace/PlayStation Store, you should see the game’s icon appear. When you select it, depending on your region, the game may begin to download.

This download will vary in size depending on your platform, with the next-gen Xbox Series X and PS5 requiring larger files. Regardless, it certainly pays to have your internet network and PC/console settings optimized. After all, nothing worse than the game utterly ceasing to download in time for the big launch day, right?

So for this reason, we’ve taken the liberty of detailing the best ways to maximize your Hitman 3 download in this handy guide. All of the listed methods prove highly reliable and fool-proof. Also, if you are someone whose downloads have unlocked, feel free to go through this just to make sure your Hitman 3 download speeds run smoothly. Just sit back, Agent 47, and let the show begin.

1) Use a wired Ethernet (LAN) connection instead of WiFi

We all know the basics of how internet service works, right? The more bars the icon on your device shows, the stronger the connection. That is certainly true, but it isn’t even the most important factor in boosting your Hitman 3 download speeds.

The thing is that the actual mode of your device’s connectivity matters just as much. If you use a wireless connection, even the highest bandwidth package possible won’t beat out a wired cable on the same network. For as advanced as we think we have become, sometimes nothing beats a good old, highly efficient fiberoptic cable.

Using a wired connection will stabilize your connectivity, resulting in fewer dips in bandwidth. In addition, crucial factors like packet loss can, in rare cases, lead to server connection errors. Stay on the safe side, so your game runs as smoothly as possible!

2) Use your network portal to configure advanced router settings

By default, many Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) choose to give you the most balanced connection possible. Your connection rates work well enough for basic tasks, but you don’t run the risk of cyberattacks. However, when it comes to online gaming or game downloads, their regulations prove detrimental. They can block off traffic on your network entirely in the name of security precautions. To prevent this, contact your ISP and request the login information for your router.

Once you access the portal, look for advanced options. The most important of these is the NAT type. This essentially determines how unrestricted the connection to foreign online services is, including game downloads. For best results, change this from the default Strict to Moderate, as this still maintains decent network security. The other option to change is to enable Quality of Service (QoS). This basically allows the network to favor your download over less useful processes. This will make sure the YouTube video on your phone, for instance, won’t use up more bandwidth than the Hitman 3 download.

3) Use Google DNS rather than the default ISP one

Your ISP wants you to stay somewhat secure while still remaining content enough not to complain. That’s practically the model for every service ever, but the way your ISP does this is through your DNS. Your DNS (Domain Name System) is essentially your internet address, making it a unique marker for online systems to find you.

However, the ISP provided DNS is more random than organized, and sometimes leads to poor recognition by services like IO Interactive. That could lead to a slower, less stable Hitman 3 download.

Image: DotEsports

To change your DNS, one option is to use a reliable third-party service like CloudFlare DNS. This is handy, but the paywall might deter many right off the bat. Our recommendation? Use Google’s free DNS option. Simply head to your Network options, and set your DNS manually. In the Primary tab, type in “” to set this code. Type in “” in the Secondary tab. This Google DNS works wonders in bolstering game downloads and is even useful for every day, non-gaming tasks.

4) Use a 5 GHz router instead of a 2.4 GHz one

Okay, so bear with us, because we know picking up a new router just for one game download doesn’t sound smart. Normally, we’d agree since most people still use 2.4 GHz worldwide. However, in 2021 you should know that A) Most people couldn’t even find their own nose and B) The upgrade is worth it in the long-run. Switching from the traditional 2.4 to 5 GHz makes all the difference as more and more games grow online-dependent. Even Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, a completely single-player game, has Ubisoft server connection requirements.

The benefit of a 5 GHz router, aside from speeding up your Hitman 3 download, is a more stable connection. You get better connection strength at a greater range, more devices per router, and fewer connection errors. And right now, 5 GHz routers come rather cheap for a one-time investment.

For more on Hitman 3, gaming, and tech solutions, we’ll keep you posted!

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