How To Become A Pro In Apex Legends – Beginners Guide

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The Apex Legends is a new addition in the battle royale games genre. This game by Respawn Entertainment is gaining rapid popularity as it is free-to-play and offers incredible online multiplayer gaming experience. Today we are going to discuss how you can become a Pro in this game.

I have collected five essential tips and tricks that will help you to win more gunfights and just generally increase your efficiency. All these are super easy and pretty much anyone can do them with a little bit of practice. So without any further delay let’s get started.

Quick Weapon Swap:

The first trick or hack I have for you guys is how to do the quick weapons. Basically, you swap using the Crouch key pressed which makes switching the weapons much faster.

This one’s pretty simple all you need to so for this is to head over to settings and then control, here change it to hold just to be a little bit more agile. When you’re regularly swapping weapons it’s not too slow you know going from your primary to your secondary but it can be a lot faster.

This can really help out in situations when you bail out in a close quarter, you never know you know you’re running out of ammo but with quick switch bam there it is again. So it’s it’s one of those things that just adds to the game but isn’t crazy so hopefully, that works for you guys.

Quick Drop:

The next trick is a bit of a holdover from PUBG and that is the S pattern drop style or the wacky Jacky wave as we called it back in PUBG. Anyway, the style of this is when you’re coming out of the plane as the jumpmaster or as a solo jumper all you want to do is do a wave pattern so you kind of drop down to near your maximum glide velocity and then flatten out as you get closer to your destination.

This is designed to get you closer to the ground faster it can also be handy if you’re jumping solo and you want to get ahead of your teammates a little bit to get that edge on the loot if you’re a loot goblin-like I am. It is a pretty simple little trick where you just do an s-shape all the way down to the ground, this will increase the speed in which you can get there and give you the competitive edge.

Image by Game Life

Balloon Trick:

This next one I want to talk about something that’s relatively popular and well known in the game already which is maximizing your distance with the zip line balloon.

Now it’s not super difficult but to get things started all you gotta do is find yourself a balloon, jump up that bad boy and look straight up the entire time, as soon as you get to the top hold right-click (your alt look button) and you’ll get this thing going just like that.

Then keep looking up and use your outlook to steer essentially let go, every once in a while during your float you’ll get a little bounce which is normal. So this is how you can cover much extra distance in less time using the popular floaty balloon trick.

Disable Combat Text:

Alright, so this one is more of a personal preference thing. There’s something that I have kind of found through playing the game and I picked this tip up from Shroud’s gameplay.

I think it’s kind of a good idea just based on how people kind of I guess interpret their damage-dealing in the game. So this is to disable your floating combat text entirely now the way you do that is you go into your gameplay settings and then you go to your damage numbers. Here you can turn off the text so now there’s not gonna be any overhead numbers or anything like that. It will still show you things like armor breaking.

Maybe some players want to know how much damage they’re doing but when you simplify, it doesn’t really matter how much damage you’re doing. Either you’ve down the player you’re fighting or you haven’t so I’ve turned it off. It allows you to see your target a little bit better and focus on the fact that your target is still up.

Don’t Fight Long Distance:

This last one is not a specific trick, it is more of a tip which is to stop long-range fighting in Apex Legends. I always see fights being started at long distance and when I say long distance I mean if you were completely out of range of your movement abilities like if Pathfinder can’t zip line to them or if you can’t make a tunnel to them or anything beyond that.

The reason you don’t want a long-range fight is simply that in Apex it is extremely important to finish your fights quickly to avoid being the third party and have anyone else jump into the fight which will make things more difficult for you. In addition to that, the efficiency of the fight will be much lower because any damage you do will be negated in the travel time that it takes for you to get to your opponent.

Even if you down them they could revive, they can do shield cells, they can use shield batteries, they could Phoenix kit and by the time you get close to the enemy, the fight will have been refreshed. Anyway, so you might as well try and use advantages where they come if you see an enemy and they don’t see you close the gap get on top of them and then start the fight at mid or a close distance preferably close.

If you can get up on top of somebody with a peacekeeper or a wingman it doesn’t really matter what gun you have if you can land consistent up-close shots and get the surprise or the damage lead on an enemy. You’re gonna have a much better chance of winning that fight and wiping them quickly getting that loot and setting yourself up for the next one.

So these are all the tips and tricks I have for you right now at least the essential ones. I hope you enjoyed the roundup. I’m interested to know what are your tips and tricks that I might have missed so make sure to drop down a comment below.

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