Among Us: How to be an Expert Imposter and deceive everyone

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Among Us recently blew up in the gaming world. With over 31 million hours watched on Twitch in the month of August, the game’s popularity continues to grow. Among us attracts new players each day as it’s priced very cheaply on steam as well as free on both iOS and Android. Additionally, the cross-platform support allows people to play with their friends even if they own different devices.

Among us was released in 2018 by Innersloth. Inc. The game was not as popular back then. Recently streamers found the game to be very enjoyable and great for streaming content. This resulted in many streamers jumping on the bandwagon and making the game more popular than ever.

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Each game consists of 4-10 players. There are two teams, crewmates, and imposters. Crewmates win by either completing their tasks or figuring out who the imposters are and kicking them out of the ship. Imposters win by eliminating enough crewmates to seize the majority. Every time a player finds a dead body murdered by an imposter, they have the option to report it, resulting in a meeting where they have to explain what they saw and then figure out who the imposter is. Alternatively, a meeting can also be called by pressing the big emergency meeting button in the cafeteria. however, you can not call a meeting during a crisis.

This was a brief overview of the game. Now we will cover the more complex aspects of the game. This guide series will be divided into two parts. One will be focused on becoming the best imposter while the other one will explain how to become the best detective in the game. The one below is focused on the imposter aspect of the game.

How to become the greatest Con-man in the Among Us

The imposters rely heavily on their ability to deceit and making split-second decisions. This guide will help you to blend in with crewmates and strike at the correct time and place.

1. How to blend in

The first part of this guide is focused on how to blend in with the crewmates. Although it sounds much simpler, it can get complicated if you face smarter enemies. You can follow these tips to hide your identity more effectively.

Fake your tasks

One key difference between crewmates and imposters is the ability to do tasks. Crewmates are supposed to do tasks whereas imposters are unable to do so. If the crewmates have a keen eye, they can spot you out easily. You should only fake tasks that don’t have a visual. These include emptying garbage, clearing meteorites, prime shields, and submit scan. Moreover, move after the taskbar goes up as it will show that you just completed a task.

Don’t follow the crewmates for too long

Crewmates have no idea who the imposter is. This makes them suspicious of everyone. Furthermore, if they see someone stalking or following them for too long, they will probably call an emergency meeting and report your behavior. While you can still defend your behavior, it might get tedious.


Only use vents when there is no one around. When you are about to exit the vent, keep an eye out for crewmates because if they spot you, it’s an easy win for them. The reasoning behind this is that only imposters have the ability to use vents. Vents can be your greatest friends as well as the biggest tell. So you should always be careful while using them.

Emergency Meetings

There will be multiple emergency meetings throughout the game. Don’t get too aggressive or too defensive whenever someone calls an emergency meeting. You should always stay calm and think of a good strategy. Always remember, a good liar knows how to adapt. Furthermore, if someone is calling out your fellow imposter, don’t instantly side with them. Instead, pretend that you are giving them the benefit of the doubt. This would prove fruitful as people won’t grow suspicious of you.

Memorize the maps in Among Us

As tedious as it may sound, memorizing the map will pay off in the long run. A Reddit user, u/SuperInkyGD posted the Skeld map. This is a detailed map in which the user has shown the vents and where they lead to. Additionally, they have also marked the sabotage areas as well as tasks that do not end in the same place. Learning these small things can help you a lot as you can use this knowledge to your benefit

Among Us map
Image credits: u/SuperInkyGD

2. When to kill in Among Us

To win as an imposter you need to make the number of imposters and crewmates equal. This can be achieved in two ways. You can either kill people or deceive people into throwing off a crewmate during an emergency meeting. Getting away with murder is a great art and here are a few tips to improve your skills.

Don’t kill with people around

This is an obvious one and it does not require a genius to figure out why. If you kill someone in front of people, they will immediately call you out leading to your defeat. Whenever you are about to strike, look around to make sure no one is watching you.

Enter vents after killing

As I mentioned earlier, vents are among your greatest allies and you should use them most of the time after you have murdered someone. When you kill a player, you can just enter the vent and leave the place without any evidence. However, you should avoid it sometimes:

  • If someone saw you enter the room and couldn’t find you in there afterward, they will know that you used the vents and report you.
  • Don’t vent to places where there is a high chance of you getting caught in the act
  • If someone followed you into a room in which you have murdered, don’t use the vent. Instead, call a meeting and try to put the blame on them.

Don’t kill when cameras are red

When the cameras are flashing red, don’t kill anyone. This is because flashing cameras mean that someone is using them in security and watching through them.

Don’t kill everyone you see

You don’t have to kill everyone you see. Rampaging through crewmates is not the way to win the game. you should take your time, identify your targets and then decide if you want to kill them or not. You should keep in mind that you can also throw people off the ship by manipulating the players during emergency meetings. To keep things simple, try to kill crewmates who have confirmed their identity in front of the rest of the players. This is because if they survive till the end, it’s almost impossible to win as everyone will be sure that you are the imposter.

Keeping this in mind, you should leave the dumb teammates alone. They are much more of a risk to themselves than you are. Furthermore, these players will make things easier for you by eliminating their crewmates instead of you. However, you should always be careful to not kill in front of them either as no one is dumb enough to not confirm you as a killer after being a witness.

You cant kill people quickly in Among Us so be careful

Depending on the game settings, kill cooldown can vary from anywhere between 10 to 60 seconds. This means you can’t kill more than once on quick successions. Keep this in mind before you think about murdering someone as you can’t kill someone who just saw you assassinate someone. After you have killed someone, try to sabotage to pass the kill cooldown. Crewmates will be more focused on fixing the ship rather than finding the dead body, giving you an ample amount of time to reset.

Double killing

This feature can work only if you have multiple imposters. Two imposters can kill two crewmates together. This can prove to be beneficial as you can get rid of crewmates faster. Moreover, if you two get caught with the dead bodies, you two can always throw one of you under the bus and claim that the other one killed and you caught them. However, you should be careful in choosing your words for an explanation as crewmates will ask why didn’t you report the dead body when you saw it. Additionally, both of you need to be on the same page for this to work.

Do not kill in a room someone saw you enter

This one is no brainer. If someone sees you enter or leave a room with a dead body in it, they will surely report the body and point fingers at you. lying your way out of this situation can be almost impossible because you will never have an explanation for not reporting the dead body yourself and casually leaving the room.

Rooms where you should almost always never strike a blow

While there are places you can kill easily, there are a few rooms where you should avoid murdering crewmates. These can include rooms that have no vents, are too out in the open, or are under the watchful eye of the cameras. Storage, cafe, admin, or main hallways are prime examples of such locations.


Crewmates have the ability to complete tasks. In contrast, imposters have the ability to sabotage. As an imposter in Among us, you can sabotage tasks such as lights, Oxygen, reactors, or even comms. Sabotaging can be a great weapon for imposters and you should use it as often as you can. In the early game, sabotaging lights is very important. With restricted vision, it can become very hard to spot people around you. This means you can get away with murder quite easily.

An important aspect to remember is to never sabotage when there are crewmates around unless it is an absolute necessity. In that case, you can sabotage whilst moving around which would lower suspicion. You can also fix your own sabotages in order to blend in with crewmates, however, your kill cooldown will not reset during this.

lastly, you can sabotage as a ghost as well. Use this ability to help out your teammates in order to achieve your ultimate goal of winning the game.

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3. How to master the art of deceit in Among Us

Deceit and manipulation are arguably the most important part of the game as you can win or lose the game depending on your behavior and words during a meeting. Next up are a few tips to help you in this aspect.

Self Report after you murder someone

Self-reporting is a feature you can exploit in Among Us and put the blame on others. When you report a dead body, more often than naught, you are eliminated from the list of suspects. You can report the dead body and act innocent and put blame on someone else. If you are caught next to a dead body, immediately self-report and act like you find the other person in the act of murder. Since players cant talk in between the meetings, it will be just as hard for them to explain the situation if not less.

Something to keep in mind is to not self-report too often. This will point a lot of fingers at you as you are the one who is finding most of the dead bodies.

Among Us requires you to be a great liar

While it sounds simple on paper, keeping a poker face while spewing out lies can be tedious. You should always be careful as to what to say. Avoid acting too defensive or aggressive. Always analyze the general atmosphere before you plan your next move. Staying calm even when all fingers are pointing towards you is important as it will make people think twice before voting you out.

Throwing teammates under the bus

This sounds evil but then again, the whole aspect of being an imposter is indulged in evil. This is a move you should keep as a last resort. If you tell on a fellow imposter, your chances of getting caught are lowered as to why would an imposter rat out on another one. Try not to defend an imposter too much if the room is generally against them. This would seclude you from them and raise suspicion around the idea of you being an imposter. Keep in mind that this method can backfire if your teammate gets angry and tells on you. You should only do this if you have trust between the two of you.

What to do if you are caught

If you are caught in the act of murder, you can either self-report or immediately jump through vents and sabotage. Sabotage takes away the ability to call meetings or report dead bodies. After you have successfully sabotaged, quickly find the person who caught you and kill them before the sabotaged thing is restored.

Never accuse someone else

Accusing someone will bring you to the center of attention, and as an imposter, this is the last thing you would want. You should avoid this unless absolutely necessary as explained earlier.

Talk with confidence and logic

Suppose you are accused of murdering someone, your only way of getting out of it is by talking. You need to gain the confidence of the crewmates by talking logically and confidently. This would require your memorization of the maps and the interactable objects. If a question is raised what were you doing in a certain room, you can reply that you did a specific task in that room which would ultimately lower the suspicion.

You don’t always have to kill people to win the game

You can play passively, faking your tasks to win the game. This requires the ultimate skill of faking as well as a good idea of your surroundings. If a crewmate is being accused, you should support the accuser and try to vote him off the ship. After you have successfully done so, act shocked that this was a mistake as to blend in with the rest of the crewmates.

Try to make people suspicious of other people

This one does not require that much skill as compared to the others. You can close the doors on groups of people and simply walk away without getting caught. If someone else finds a locked door and players in a room, they will be suspicious of them instead of you.

Practice Among us

This is just as important as the rest. Practice makes a man perfect and you learn from your mistakes. You might not be able to win all of your games but you can make your win rate better by learning through your losses and trying out newer strategies in the following games.

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