How does COD Black Ops Cold War take advantage of PS5 Dualsense controller?

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Hold your horses, PlayStation 5 fans. On November 12, the world welcomes Sony’s newest foray into next-gen gaming. Meant to perform as a direct competitor to the Xbox Series X, the PS5 comes suited up for the task. Like the competition, this console can run AAA titles at high framerates and at 4K resolution. And the new iteration of the controller officially called the DualSense, is here to refine console gaming.

The controller, unlike any other mainline PlayStation controller before it, features haptic feedback technology. That isn’t just a fancy name for the long-existing rumble feature most controllers implement. And while the Xbox One deserves credit for its ‘rumble triggers’, the PS5 seems to have perfected the concept. The DualSense uses high-precision haptic motors to generate fine vibrations across the entire body. Because the motors receive precise programming from the games, developers can use it to pull off some breathtaking sensations.

The upcoming Call of Duty: Blacks Ops Cold War will have unique features for the DualSense

Treyarch’s latest entry in the iconic Call of Duty franchise releases on November 13. While the game will run for several platforms, including PC, the PS5 version gets some special features. This is entirely thanks to DualSense’s technology. In a recent interview, the lead game designer himself confirmed the inclusion of specific haptic feedback. Tony Flame announced that each and every weapon in the game’s expansive arsenal should have a different feel.

Black Ops Cold War Call of Duty

As he explained, every individual gun has its own specific weight, balance, fire rate and recoil. The DualSense haptic motor, therefore, has been individually programmed to provide unique sensations for every single gun. That means that the sensations and resistance of pulling the trigger on a heavy, bolt-action sniper differ from that of a light pistol. And, even more impressively, different guns in the same class, with very similar weights and hefts, should also feel discernably unique.

In addition to this news, Flame also stressed the importance of optimizing cross-play for Cold War

Last year, Modern Warfare made headlines as one of the first examples of complete cross-play support. It was also the first Call of Duty title to do so. However, in that era the difference between platforms was enormous due to hardware varieties. You had PC players, with high-end GPU’s and 240 Hz refresh rates, compared to the console players locked at a mere 60 frames per second (FPS). Also, the superior aim of the mouse-and-keyboard over traditional controllers also hindered cross-play.

This time around, Treyarch aims to loosen restrictions and make the experience more equal for all. Of course, PC players will surely far surpass the PS5/Series X framerate cap of 120 FPS. And, despite the company’s best efforts, separating controller and mouse-and-keyboard players remains the only viable option. However, this time around the playing field should have less disparity. As Flame mentioned, the better hardware on consoles allows them to provide most of the same setting options PC players get.

This means that settings like FOV (field of view), which PC often tweak to their advantage, will also come to console gamers. Also, as Flame noted, the difference between 120 FPS and a similar triple digit framerate won’t be as substantial as the previous 60 FPS. This time around, PC will have less to scoff about.

They also announced leveling-up crossovers with previous Call of Duty games

Black Ops: Cold War will combine its leveling features with Warzone and Modern Warfare, Flame confirmed. That means that progress invested in any of the games will allow players to pick up right where they left off.

For more on Call of Duty, the PS5 and the arrival of next-gen gaming, stay tuned!


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