Hover Camera Passport: Control this friendly Drone by Face detection

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Talking about Drones, we know that how quickly they have evolved in the past few years. An unmanned aircraft machine which was only a part of military operations once has now become advanced to perform other activities too; For example, Drones for search and rescue operations, Drone delivery and shipping service which is soon to be launched, and the most common one, Drone Photography!

Hover Camera Passport is a new drone photographer which is specially designed for friends and family service. As drones are vastly being used for photography these days, whether it is landscape, reporting, events, fashion or wedding shoots, drone cameras help capturing pictures and recording videos aerially, which results in providing clear, big angle and full frame aerial shots.

But since it was only limited to formal use, normal people had rarely gotten a chance to experience drone camera shooting, but now with the induction of Hover Camera Passport Drone, this wouldn’t be the case anymore because you and I can also enjoy aerial selfies now.

Created by Zero Zero Robotics, Hover Camera is a foldable and portable Quadcopter that can capture pictures and record your cherish moments while you’re busy enjoying them. Innovated with an idea to modernize as well as simplify the experience of taking pictures, Hover Camera is truly autonomous and uses the face detection technology to follow you around.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Passport has some really user-friendly features, making it a perfect companion on your travel. Tracking your face and body, it takes clear shots in 13 mega pixel and records videos in 4k resolution camera by using image recognition software, which also works to keep the drone in air without GPS.

Hover drone doesn’t need a smart phone to be controlled from; its self-flying filming mode follows and takes picture on the movement of your face and body gestures. However, it has a mobile app that can be used to set up shots. This pocket drone shows a beautiful feature when it circles your around and records a 360 degrees panoramic video, featuring you and the place you are at.

“People can do very creative things with it because it can replace rigs and cranes that typically a professional film crew would have access to. This will give you new movements, new angles.” CEO and co-founder of Zero Zero Robotics Meng Qiu Wang told NBC news. “The camera uses a combination of AI, sonar, and a downward viewing camera to position itself to get the best possible footage of its subject”, he added.

Zero Zero Robotics didn’t leave the people on wait, in fact, quickly released the product in the market as soon as it was announced. The flying camera is available in $599 on its official website. It can also be purchased from Apple. However the price isn’t as cheap as you would expect, considering the one drawback Passport has; its little battery life of approximately 10 minutes, but it comes with two batteries so the flight time can be extended if both the batteries are fully recharged.

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