Hospital Releases U.S Marshals Injured In Gun Battle

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The two marshals who were injured when a child molester open fired at them are now okay, well spirited and are no longer in hospital. However, another detective from NYPD who was also injured in the clash is still in the hospital. The three were injured in a shootout near a smoke shop Smoking Culture.

The reason they were there was to arrest Charles Mozdir, who was declared a fugitive after he sexually assaulted a boy whom he used to babysit. The police had information that Charles was in the shop and Mario Muniz the detective went inside the shop and saw that Mozdir was alone. On returning with the Marshals, the detective asked Mozdir to surrender. Instead, he open fired with his .32-caliber and the three officials were forced to return fire. “Mozdir fired upon the officers at very close range and the officers returned fire,” said Bill Bratton, the Police Commissioner.

The fugitive died in the cross fire, and the three officials were taken to Bellevue Hospital. Muniz was wearing a bulletproof vest, and though he was twice shot in his stomach, he is well and will live. Of the two marshals, one was hit on the elbow and one on his leg.

Charles Mozdir’s reputation was not very good in the area and he was termed as a recluse. As Natasha Callapally, a neighbor said, Mozdir, “never made eye contact,” and he was “really creepy, really weird.”

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