Honda Gold wing – The World’s First Motorcycle With Carplay

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The Japanese Automobile giant Honda has finally taken the cover off their all new Gold Wing – the first two-wheeler to feature a Carplay. The bike was unveiled at the invitation only event at Santa Barbara’s Museum of Exploration and Innovation on Tuesday evening. The Gold Wing has seen an upgrade for the first time in 43 years and the 2018 version has shed the weight up to 80 pounds but still tips the scale at 787 pounds.

Down below we have summarized all you need to know about this touring beast so read ahead:


The most important part of an automobile is its engine and Honda’s 1,832 cc liquid cooled horizontally opposed six cylinder engine is what makes Gold Wing so special. However the engine this time is nearly 14 pounds lighter than, more compact and is placed further forward in the chassis for an ideal distribution of the weight.

The Gold Wings will be available in both the traditional six speed manual transmission or Honda’s new seven speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) which comes with a Forward and Reverse Walking Mode that will help in maneuvering the bike in places like a parking lot at 1 miles per hour.

The Engine has greatly contributed in improving the Gold Wing’s sporty handling and over all vehicle packaging. The cylinder bore has also been changed and it is a smaller 73 millimeter chamber, the crankshaft has been upgraded and there is an updated Unicam valve train layout that was first demonstrated on the award-winning Honda CRF450R motocrosser.

The use of four valves per cylinder has improved the efficiency of combustion and the new molybdenum coating on the piston skirts has reduced the friction.

The Engineers have decreased the capacity of the fuel tank by 1.1 galleons without compromising the range. This change greatly contributed to overall weight reduction and handling.

The aerodynamics have been improved to make the bike more sporty as well as fuel efficient.

Suspension and Chasis:

The Gold Wing’s suspension has also experienced numerous changes to increase low speed mobility while maintaining high speed stability. The mechanically welded twin spar aluminum frame utilizes plates with reconfigured thicknesses and is coordinated to a solitary sided swingarm with new turn region structure. These new changes in suspension have resulted in 4.4 lbs weight reduction and low center of gravity therefore significantly improving the bike’s agility.

The most noticeable change in the suspension compared to the older version is the double wishbone suspension. According to Honda, this will reduce the road shock transmitted through the handlebars by 30 percent.

The rear suspension is a Pro Link configuration with progressive reaction. The DCT model will have electrically adjusted suspension damping and preload.

The Brakes have been updated using radially mounted front calipers and a large 320 millimeters rotors. The brake force is distributed to the front and rear wheels using Electronically Controlled combined ABS. The weight is reduced by using a smaller, lighter circulation-type ABS modulator.


The Gold Wing has never been the sexiest beast on the road but its reliability, comfort and high mileage for touring is what it is known for. However, the bike has been made more sporty by the bike’s more performance minded and sharper shape which significantly boosts the aerodynamics of the Gold Wing.

Image by Honda

The Bike is narrower at the front with an improved placement of the exhaust and engine. The bike is as comfortable as the original version of the Gold Wing but with improved airflow for both rider and passenger.

An easy to understand luggage framework supports on-street comfort while likewise adding to the vehicle’s minimized measurements, lively appearance, and lighter weight. Every saddlebag holds 30 liters, while the best case has a 50 liter limit, and top notch cover dampers are utilized all through.

Apple Carplay:

The most highlighted and the key feature of the 2018 Gold Wing is that it is the first ever bike to have a Carplay. The Carplay being in a motorcycle functions a bit differently.

There is a small 7 inch TFT LCD display on the dashboard between the handlebars. The rider will have to plug-in their iPhone via USB cable in the trunk of the storage compartment. There is no speaker available for the entry level model so you will have to pair a Bluetooth headset for audio and microphone.

The LCD screen is not touch sensitive unlike how it works in cars. The rider will navigate using the directional pad on the left handlebar or a knob on the tank to switch between music, maps and messages.

The Gold Wing also features a keyless entry means the bike compartment will unlock automatically once the owner gets close to it. There is an option for LED lights that will activate the same way too. However, the Carplay does not work with Android as the Google was not interested in it, according to Honda.

Colors and Pricing:

The Gold Wing Tour and the Gold Wing DCT will be available in Pearl Hawkseye Blue, Pearl White and Candy Ardent Red Color. While the Gold Wing Tour DCT with airbag version will be available in Candy Ardent Red and Candy Ardent Black.

The price for the entry level model starts from $26,700 to $27,200, the DCT model costs about $27,700 to $28,200 and the DCT Airbag will cost $31,500.

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