Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R – The Ultimate Edition

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Honda Civic has a huge fan following around the globe. It is a car opted by those seeking class, beauty and high performance with the latest technology. Honda Civic Type R was unveiled by Honda at the Geneva Auto Show.

Honda Civic Type R 2017 comes in a sporty design with its cuts and shape specific to the racing track. The engine is turbocharged which gives the car an extra kick while driving, has a manual transmission, split differential and an ultra-taut suspension system. It has an enviable exterior, vortex generators, and scoops, wings and splitters on its exterior making it a hot new addition to the Honda family.

There are three driving modes: normal, sport, and +R. Each one modifies parameters such as the stiffness of the suspension, the weight of the steering, and the throttle response to ensure the Type R is a compliant cruiser when it needs to be.


Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R’s exterior is a class apart.

Honda Civic Type R is a four-door hatchback variant of the 10th generation of the Civic family. Its looks are enhanced by a black grill at the front. A carbon fiber splitter is also attached to the bottom portion of the bumper with wide air vents and a low drag air duct which is cut into the hood.

The fenders of the car are specially designed to accommodate a wider track. At the rear end, the vehicle sports a huge wing along with a model-specific bumper. The bumper has three round exhaust tips that are integrated into an air diffuser. It has 20 inches alloy rims which are wrapped in Continental tires. The red Honda emblem completes its classy looks.


Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R’s interior is solid and upholds its sports car appeal.

The car is equipped with a 7-inch display audio touch screen found in almost all Honda models. The sound system is a booming 540 Watts boasting 12 speakers which produce a sound that can be clearly heard even at high speeds. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility are a standard.

The Driver Information Interface has been completely overhauled. The instrument panel that displayed the usual info like speed and RPMs can now be customized to display other critical info depending on the driving mode and situation. The turbo boost can be on display, as well as the throttle/brake info, a lap time counter or row of shift lights indicating the best point to shift gears.

The red and black interior with carbon fibre-style accents and red trimming around the rubber and plastic touchpoints further strengthens its sports car appeal. It sports a leather-wrapped wheel, special pedals, and brushed steel shift knob’s positions to optimize the sporty experience. The solid feel of the interior adds a touch of class to it. An important feature in the Honda Civic Type R is its dual-zone automatic climate control.

The Engine

Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R’s engine.

The Honda Civic Type R is powered by a four cylinder 2.0-litre engine. This is further spiced up by a turbocharger connected to it as well as the direct injection system. The engine is designed to give about 306 horsepower at an rpm of 6500. The torque of the machine is measured up to 295 pound-feet at an rpm between 2500-4500. It is really pertinent to mention here that figures like these are considered excellent for an engine being most powerful.

Honda Civic Type R has a centered exhaust system. This is a trademark of this vehicle. The exhausts have an important role to play and are not just placed for styling. There are two outer pipes which are considerably larger in diameter than the central one. These are the primary exhausts of the car. However, the central smaller pipe connects to a resonator which is very carefully placed behind the bumper cover. This resonator is also attached to the two outer pipes. At relatively low engine speeds, air flows through the outer pipes and the resonator/center pipe thereby adding some crispness to the engine’s note. At high engine speeds, exhaust air flows almost exclusively through the main pipes, bypassing the resonator. This is done without butterfly valves in the exhaust. Exhaust pressure alone effects the change.


Honda Type R is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission with a revolution matching function which sends the turbo four’s output to the front wheels. In order to achieve the copious amount of torque steer, that much grunt is channeled to the front. Therefore, a limited-slip differential comes standard with this vehicle.


Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R’s suspension.

Honda engineers fine-tuned the Type R and gave Honda Type R a comprehensively revised suspension system made up of aluminum components in order to save weight. The purpose behind being light weight was to make it the fastest front-wheel drive production car in the market.


Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R’s tires. Source – drivingspirit

The Type R wears big, fat ContinentalSport Contact 6 summer tires sized 245/30ZR-20 mounted on 8.5-by-20-inch cast aluminum wheels front and rear. The big, relatively heavy wheels accommodate the trick front suspension as well as the 13.8-inch cross-drilled brake rotors. Single-piston sliding calipers grab the rear rotors. Due to the brake-booster modifications for the Type R, the pedal feel is excellent.


Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R’s cargo space.

With this vehicle, there is absolutely no need to fold the seats for more space. It has a sizeable trunk, 25.7 cubic feet to be specific.


There are a lot of active and passive safety features in the Civic Type R, which are also found in the standard hatchback. It carries a 5-star crash rating by NHTSA and has dual-stage, front airbags, front side airbags, and side curtain airbags.


  • Car Segment – Sports Car
  • Body Style – Sedan
  • Transmission – 6 Speed Manual Gear Box
  • Horsepower – 315 (estimated)
  • Torque – 305 (estimated)
  • Layout – Front Engine
  • Turbocharger – Present
  • Intercooler – DOHC 16-valve inline
  • Engine Type – Inline, Aluminium Block and Head
  • Number of Cylinders – 4
  • Injection System – direct fuel injection
  • Top Speed – 155 miles per hour
  • 0-60 miles per hour – 5 seconds
  • 0-100 miles per hour – 13.3 seconds
  • Standing ¼ Mile – 13.6 seconds
  • Displacement – 2.0 L (estimated)
  • Fuel Economy
    • EPA Combined – 25 Miles per Gallon
    • City – 22 Miles per Gallon
    • Highway – 28 Miles per Gallon
  • Dimensions
    • Wheelbase – 106.3 inches
    • Length – 179.4 inches
    • Width – 73.9 inches
    • Height – 56.5 inches
    • Passenger Volume – 97 cubic feet
    • Cargo Volume – 26 cubic feet (approx.)
    • Curb Weight – 3150 lbs


Honda has created a mighty car in the form of the Civic Type R. There are many great improvements with the 10th generation Civic. It is a powerful car, with a manual transmission and a limited slip differential. Its competition with Ford and Volkswagen is going to be phenomenal. This is a car for those who like to keep things classy.

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