HomePod: New Intelligent Home Speakers From Apple

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HomePod is a newly released product by Apple in WWDC 2017 – a serious intelligent wireless speaker with a Hey Siri home assistant feature.

HomePod is basically Apple’s take on Amazon Echo and Google Home, even though both of them were released way before Apple announced the new HomePod but as we all know, Apple, because of its established market image, always lead with whatever it launches.


What HomPod Really is?

HomePod is a pill shaped home speaker that is more than just a speaker, with an A8 chip and 7 beam-forming tweeters along with a thick 4inch woofer, which delivers a powerful yet clean bass without distortion. HomePod is designed to provide you the best quality sound for your home.

These speakers aren’t just some random speakers but they are advanced and built to give you the sheer sound experience. Speakers can detect when the HomePod placed against the wall and they adjust their sound output according to it so that the sound is spread equally into the wide area of the room, instead of just muffled against the wall.

The A8 chip is the same that comes with AirPods. You can connect 2 HomePods at the same time enabling both the speakers to work together and deliver the best sound. All thanks to Apple’s new AirPlay 2.

The HomePod is Hey Siri enabled with 6 multi-directional microphones that can interpret the way you say “Hey Siri” with its memory. The HomePod is able to listen to you while playing music no matter how far you are from the device or how loud the music is playing.

HomePod has a LED on top of it, which turns on when you use the Hey Siri, just like the other Apple Devices.

The new HomePod works smoothly with your Apple Music subscriptions and it gives you an instant access to over 40 million individual songs. And along with that, HomePod can also perform Siri enabled functions like if you need to ask some basic Siri Questions or ask Siri to read the latest news from the internet, or you want to have the HomeKit controls (HomeKit are devices which let you control home devices like lights, garage, door, Air conditioners and more). Siri can also get you access to the Maps, weather, sports, contacts and much more.

HomePod like all the other Apple devices send information to Apple’s server in encrypted form and with your unique Siri identifier that makes your personal information secure.

HomePod can be paired up with your iPhone 5s or later running the new iOS 11 and the connectivity works just like the AirPods, all you have to do is bring your iPhone in the range and your iPhone will be connected with your HomePod.

Price and Availability:

The new HomePod will be available in two colors i.e. White and Space Grey and will cost you $349, which is fair in my opinion, keeping the Apple’s product prices in mind. The new Apple HomePod seems to be a good and useful device for the people who are Apple fans and want to have a good intelligent sound device at home. We’ll learn more about the new HomePod when it will be available this December worldwide.

Will you be interesting in buying the new HomePod for your home? Let us know by commenting down below!

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