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Hitman 3: How to Fix the ‘Connection Failed’ Error while logging in?

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Hitman 3 is an online single-player stealth game. The game is developed and published by IO Interactive studio. It was released worldwide on January 20th, 2021. Hitman 3 is available on all platforms including Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, and Microsoft. .It is the eighth main installment in the Hitman series and the final installment of the World of Assassination trilogy.

Hitman 3 connection failed error

Since the game has been released this month, it is possible to expect issues and bugs at this stage but don’t worry as these issues are later fixed by developers through updates and patches. These issues arise due to the large player base playing simultaneously.

The common issue gamers are experiencing is the connection failed error when they try to access the game online. Hopefully, the developers will soon release an update or patch to solve this Connection Failed error. Our team has got some fixes for this error. Follow the steps below to solve the connection failed error in Hitman 3:

Click on the ‘Retry Button’

Sometimes the game might have some problems when connecting online. Try clicking on the ‘Retry’ button again and again and hopefully the connection error should go. If the error still remains, do follow the steps below

Restart Hitman 3

We all know that sometimes instead of the tech and geeky method, the simple and classic method ‘turning off and on’ always works. So at first trying other methods, first close your game and restart it again. This method kills any unnecessary memory usage and processes from the system making sure the game runs perfectly smooth next time.

On your Pc or laptops, you can close your game by moving to the desktop and restart it again. This is very useful as it also kills other processes that are interrupting your game files. We also suggest to force quit your Hitman 3 and launch it again. To force quit your game, follow the steps below:-

  • open your task manager from system search or you can use (CTRL+ALT+DEL)
  • look for Hitman 3 from the list of processes
  • right-click on it  and select the end task option and restart your game

On Ps4 and Xbox, you can simply quit the application and restart your console and then turn on the game again. This will help your console to reboot and kill unwanted processes in system memory.

Check your internet connection, Tweak advanced settings

If restarting your game or system doesn’t work, try restarting your internet connection. A weak or unstable connection may give you a connection error. Turn off your router and wait for 10-20 seconds and restart the router. This method will help to reset your signal strength and can solve your problem. If you are playing on Pc or laptop, try connecting an ethernet cable to get a steady and smooth connection flow.

If adjusting your router doesn’t work either, you need to play around with your router’s advanced internet settings and need to modify your NAT type. NAT type provides a connection between your IP address to Hitman 3 servers. A strict NAT type may restrict your connection to game servers and thus giving you a connection error in the game. Try asking your IP provider to allow you with moderate NAT type or follow the steps below to change it manually:-

  • Go to your router login page and enter your credentials.
  • Once logged in, look for UPnP and enable this option
  • Save settings and restart your router

Another important setting is to modify your QoS settings. QoS basically refers to what household application is prioritized and getting maximum bandwidth. This means that when you open Hitman 3, other devices may be using much more bandwidth and the game might not get enough bandwidth. So you need to prioritize your gaming device to use high bandwidth in order to play the game. You can do this by going into your router settings and looking for QoS and under processes, prioritize the device you play the game with.

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Since your router model may be different, you have to search accordingly. The best way is to contact your service provider to resolve this issue.

Rebuild Hitman 3 database on console

Sometimes your system memory can become corrupted or laggy causing problems in online game connectivity and downloading content. Rebuilding your game database on the console is another effective method to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. Through this method, you can remove any bugs and issues with the memory of the system. It ensures smooth performance for the game. Follow the steps below to rebuild your database on your Ps4 and Ps5:-

  • Boot your console in safe mode by long-pressing the power button until you hear a beep sound.
  • Select the ‘Rebuild Database’ option from the list.

This will take your console in the rebuilding process and you might have to for some time.

On PC update your game drivers

Since Hitman 3 is a new game released this year, the game has its own system requirements to run on. PC or laptop users need to ensure that their GPU drivers are up to date to play the game. These drivers do have the automatic update option but sometimes you might have turned this setting off and forgot to update the drivers. You can either switch back to automatic updates for your drivers or can manually download from AMD or Nvidia app or their homepage. To download the driver updates manually, follow the links below:-

Update NVIDIA Graphics Card now

Update AMD Graphics Card now

If you have tried all the above methods and the connection error isn’t resolved, try switching to the ‘offline’ mode in the game and enjoy the game experience, and wait for the issue to be resolved. Furthermore, you can follow the Hitman 3 social accounts to be aware of any possible solution or contact them on Twitter support to resolve our issue. Since the game is launched recently, such issues are expected and it is better to wait for some time as the developers will get it fixed soon.

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