Hey 70s: Atari is all set to make a retro-tastic comeback

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If you were the 70s kid then you must have spent your childhood playing arcade games on home video game consoles, both made by none other than the pioneer Atari Inc. Playing in the comforts of your homes or among a crowded arcade center, Atari defined the electronic entertainment industry. But the company that bought a revolution in the gaming industry gradually started losing its foothold. However, it seems like Atari is all set to make a comeback by upping up its ante.

After years of silence, Atari is all set to re-launch itself in the game console business with a bang. The company launched a hardware trailer on its website mysteriously announcing its new home video game console, the AtariBox. The 21-seconds long trailer had shots of a woodgrain that looked retro with the classic Atari logo. The video ends abruptly with a “Coming Soon”, leaving viewers hanging and wanting for more, as the end displays a tab asking viewers to sign up to “Be the first to know.” Exciting isn’t it? Good old Atari gaming console with a contemporary playing experience, what more could one ask for!

When the company filed for bankruptcy back in 2013, all hopes for seeing it revive its brand were all lost. However, this new video teaser-trailer along with Atari CEO, Fred Chesnais confirming the news himself – in an interview with VentureBeat, Chesnais announced the comeback – fans and gamers can rejoice and look forward to straining their hands and fingers with a nonstop hours of gaming experience.

But will Atari Inc. be able to have a successful and smooth comeback? Well, there seems to be a lot at stake. Atari has had a long break in the electronic entertainment industry. Its last proper home console was launched back in 1993, almost 34 years ago, which was the less-impressive Jaguar. Since then the industry has drastically changed, adapting as it goes to technological advancements and a techno savvy mobile gaming generation with the industry giants Sony and Microsoft, adjusting and profiting as they go. And did we forget Nintendo? The Japanese multinational, headquartered in Kyoto, has a huge market share of the gaming industry, capturing mostly the PG-rated gamers.So to say Atari’s new gaming console slated to release soon, will give its much-accustomed competitors a run for their money, will be a bit of a drag. Let’s not forget, the market is full and Atari is old.

Over the years, the gaming industry has become more and more concentrated.Gone are the days when gaming spheres had a range of options. Now we rely on the unpredictable trends of the market with industry giants vying for more gamers. So will the old-timer and the 70s most popular gaming console be able to produce a cutting edge experience? Perhaps, only time will tell as more specifications of the console will be released.

But for now, we can hope for Atari’s new AtariBox, said to be based on ‘PC technology’, to deliver as nostalgia runs high.

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