Here’s how the new PS5 Controller will look like according to a recent Patent Application

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We might actually get to know how the controller for the new PlayStation 5 will look like. People have noticed a patent filing on a Japanese Patent office website for what looks like a new DualShock® controller. While it looks mostly like the current DualShock 4 used on the PlayStation 4, there are some subtle changes that might give us an idea of what’ll be new in the new controller.


Now for those of you who aren’t into gaming and wondering why everyone is freaking about a controller. A controller is an integral part of a game console. It can single-handedly affect the gaming experience. That is why, just by looking at the controller, we can guess a whole lot about what it’ll be like gaming on a console that hasn’t even come out yet.

That being said, we come back to the new DualShock. Since this is just a patent, we don’t really know what the full tech specifications of the new controller will be or that this will be the final design Sony chooses to use. However, by looking at the illustrations and information available, we can make certain speculations that might just turn out to be true.

As mentioned earlier, there don’t seem to be many changes in the exterior design of the new controller. As you can see in the image below, a side by side comparison has been made of the new controller against the DualShock 4. Unless you look closely, you won’t be able to point out any apparent differences. This isn’t exactly anything surprising from Sony, as it has kept the basic design of the DualShock similar in all the generations, with minor changes in each iteration.


The first major change, that might turn out to be the most controversial, is the removal of the light bar at the front. It looked good on the DualShock 4 but sadly it won’t be there on the new one. Next, are the larger triggers present on the new controller. Compared to the omission of the lightbar, this is a welcome change. The triggers will also now be adaptive, meaning they can offer varying levels of resistance, enhancing your gaming experience.

The new controller will also feature a USB-C port for charging which, again, is a welcome addition as USB-C is becoming the new standard across all electronic devices and it will save you from the hassle of keeping a separate cable for each device. The last major change is the new haptic feedback, which Sony claims to be way better than previous generations. It works by using highly programmable voice-coil actuators located in the left and right grips of the pad.

There are the major changes that we know about the controller for the upcoming PlayStation 5. Some minor ones include better battery life and a new speaker system. While the changes may not be that substantial, we aren’t the least bit disappointed with them. These are just some assumptions made by looking at the patent application and information given to us by Sony. For all we know, the final product might be completely different.

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