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Here’s how people reversing Snapchat new update, but it comes with a warning

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Ever since the Snapchat released its new update, the only response it has gotten from the public is the backlash. Apparently, people thought the new layout doesn’t fulfill the purpose of Snapchat; the update is tricky to understand and hard to handle with the addition of several new features.

The despise towards the new update of Snapchat is so real that over one million people have signed the petition to force Snapchat restore the old update and get rid of the new one. Those who couldn’t wait and have no expectations from Snapchat to do anything about it, are now looking for ways and hacks to retrieve the old update.

The famous hack these days to revert the new update is to turn off automatic updates option, then delete the app and re-install it. It includes a six step procedure and once you install the app back, you can log into your account and start using the old version, while making sure every now and then that the option to install updates for Snapchat is disabled.

As reported, people have tried it and successfully gotten the old version back BUT Snapchat, in its recent tweet, warned or in a way, threatened users to not try doing that. Such actions may result in getting temporarily or permanently blocked from the app, or the worst, complete loss of your account memories.

Oh well, we wouldn’t want that, do we? So it’s better to either wait for the petition itself to work or just get used to the new update. Or just pray that Snapchat realizes its mistake and decides to prefer their users’ choice over the million dollars it has spent developing the new update.

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