Here’s everything you want to know about Mercedes-Benz third-gen CLS

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15 years back we witnessed what the Original first generation CLS was capable off, and it took our breath away, and let us not forget the stupendous second generation and the impact it had on the wider population. Now get yourself all geared up for the phenomenal third generation CLS; the four-door coupe takes on German brand’s new design style and an all-new engine line-up.

Making its debut at the LA auto show after a host of teasers, Mercedes-Benz has received quite a humongous response from the audience. The car hosts a number of upgrades which includes an all new cabin, latest driver assistance system and even the new inline six-cylinder engines. And the new design style is more in line with the company’s current style statement, giving the car a more intimidating look.

Cutting edge Contours for you in the platter

With the third generation of the CLS, Mercedes-Benz is now building more strongly than ever on the aura and unique character of this trendsetting model: the new model has pure CLS genes with its arching waistline, flat side window lines and low greenhouse. The forward slanting front section is marked by a grille contour that widens towards the base, and a high arching waistline, low roofline and frameless side windows give the CLS a sporty stance.

At the same time it is another example of the logical evolution of the Sensual Purity design idiom: sharp edges and lines have been significantly reduced. It blends seamlessly into the current Mercedes-Benz coupé family with numerous design features.



Experience the savvy S-Class tech

The new CLS generation has many things in common with the new S‑Class, the automotive flagship of the entire industry: the CLS is equipped with the latest generation of driving assistance systems, with route-based driver support provided by the Driving Assistance Package. Active Distance Control DISTRONIC and Active Steering Assist now provide even more comfortable support for the driver to keep a safe distance and steer.

The speed is now adjusted automatically ahead of bends or junctions. Thanks to improved camera and radar systems, the new CLS also has an even better view of the surrounding traffic. For the first time it also makes use of map and navigation data to calculate driving behavior. In stop & go traffic on motorways and similar roads, stops of up to 30 seconds are now possible, during which time the CLS starts moving again automatically and follows the traffic.

Get more Power with the new engine

The third generation of the CLS is powered by completely new engines, initially in-line sixcylinder diesel and petrol units. Also characteristic of the four-door coupé is the extensive range of 4MATIC models.

The output of the diesel unit ranges from 210 kW (286 PS) and 600 Nm of torque in the CLS 350 d 4MATIC through to 250 kW (340 PS) and 700 Nm in the CLS 400 d 4MATIC. The special traits of the top-of-the-line engine in the diesel family include the stepped-bowl combustion process, two-stage turbocharging and, for the first time, the use of CAMTRONIC variable valve-lift control.

Its design features a combination of an aluminium engine block and steel pistons as well as further improved NANOSLIDE® coating of the cylinder walls. The most powerful engine is the six-cylinder petrol unit.

The new, systematically electrified in-line six-cylinder with EQ Boost (integrated starter/generator) and a 48 volt onboard electrical system powers the CLS 450 4MATIC. Its performance data: 270 kW (367 PS) and 500 Nm plus a further 250 Nm of torque and 16 kW (22 PS) available via EQ Boost over short periods.

The integrated electric motor known as EQ Boost assists the combustion engine e.g. when accelerating, makes driving without the combustion engine possible (“sailing”) and supplies the battery with power by means of high-efficiency recuperation.

By doing so it makes fuel savings possible that were previously the exclusive domain of high-voltage hybrid technology.

All in all, the new in-line six-cylinder engine delivers the performance of an eight-cylinder engine with significantly lower consumption. The CLS 450 4MATIC is equipped with a particulate filter as standard.

Indulge in the classy interior

In the fully digital cockpit, the driver is able to freely configure the information content according to need and the driving situation. Three different styles can be selected depending on preference, mood, or to suit the interior appointments.

The Classic and Sport styles have a basic structure with two tubes, while the Progressive style surprises and polarises with a structure having a central, tube-shaped instrument.

The ambiance lighting is individually adjustable in 64 colours, and also includes the air vents. The seats were designed exclusively for this model series. Depending on the interior, they feature high-quality piping or transverse seams.

The outer seats in the rear have the same appearance as the front seats, creating a sporty single-seat impression, although the CLS Coupé is in fact a five-seater for the first time.

Coming into the market in mid-2018, the car would certainly be a show stopper.

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