Here’s everything you want to know about Mercedes-Benz third-gen CLS

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15 years back we witnessed what the Original first generation CLS was capable off, and it took our breath away, and let us not forget the stupendous second generation and the impact it had on the wider population. Now get yourself all geared up for the phenomenal third generation CLS; the four-door coupe follows German brand’s new design style and an all-new engine line-up.

Showing off at the LA auto show after several teasers, Mercedes-Benz  invoked quite a response from the audience. The car features a number of upgrades which have attract masses at large. The driver assistance, accompanied by six cylinder engine and the flashy design keeping in line with the company’s current style statement is what you will see in the new beauty.

Cutting edge Contours for you in the platter

Building more then ever on CLS, the new model is by every nook and crook the true CLS. Manifesting an arched waistline accompanied by low flat windows and greenhouse its classy in every sense. The sporty stance of the car is highlighted by the following features;

  • a front section grille contour
  • a high arching waistline
  • low roofline

Experience the savvy S-Class tech

Thus new CLS generation share a lot of common things with the new S-Class. In a sense making it quite tech savvy as it can get. Being loaded with the driving assistance, the CLS has the tendency to use the routebased driver support given in the package. Active Distance Control DISTRONIC and Active Steering Assist; are two modified features you see in the CLS allowing a safe comfortable drive.

Additionally, the speed adjustment has been introduced to check and maintain speeds at corners and bends. The upgraded cameras allow for smart movement in the traffic. It now is able to use maps and data to adapt to the driving style making the driving experience like never before.

Get more Power with the new engine

This third generation four-door coupe is equipped with a new set of six cylinders hence giving away a new more powerful engine to the CLS.

For the diesel unit stats go on as 210 kW to 250 kW with a torque of 600 Nm to 700 Nm. The six cylinder system is equipped with a starter generator; EQ Boost. This combined with the 48 volt electrical system is the power behind the CLS 450 4MATIC.

The purpose of this starter generator is to make the driving without combustion engine a possible. Therefore EQ Boost helps the engine to sail and powers the battery through recuperation.  This in turn makes the car fuel efficient, a feature rarely seen in the high volt hybrid cars.

Indulge in the classy interior

The cockpit of the car is fully digital, allowing the driver to chose from a series of options which suit him well. Depending on the mood and the situation the scenarios can be changed so the car adapts to the user required settings.

Among the three styles the Classic and the Sport share a basic structure. The third style, Progressive has a couple of surprises and is a bit different than the two discussed before.

The cockpit lighting could also be adjusted from a range of 64 colors. Air vents is an added plus with seats being the most comfortable and quite different for this model. The seats have further options for you to choose from to suit your comfort and luxury needs.

The Coupe is actually a 5 seater taking into account the outer seats it has and that to for the first time.

Coming into the market in mid-2018, the car would certainly be a show stopper.

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