Here is how you can order stuff on Amazon without any shipping fee

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Most of us have ordered from the web-giant Amazon at least once in our life. For those of us, who have a habit of ordering from Amazon, there is now a way to get Free shipping.

For people who are already known to Amazon Prime, it is Amazon’s subscription-based feature, which provides its users free of cost delivery on every order until the subscription lasts. Also, the orders get to you earlier too. You can signup for a free trial of Amazon Prime in case you feel you can benefit from this Amazo n’s service. The free trial lasts for a month, after which you shall have to subscribe.

The question arises now whether really there is a way now on ordering stuff from Amazon without buying Amazon prime membership. One way might be to simply use your friend’s Amazon Prime account, or that you at least buy at least some specific worth of products that you qualify for the Free Super Saver Delivery.

There was a time when one could have simply qualified for a free delivery. Though, times have changed now, as Amazon wants you to buy a specific worth of products, which is £20 worth of goods. Though the limit is £10 for books and £25 for ROI.

Therefore, it is up to you whether you want to spend £16 on goods and spend £4 on delivery or buy £20 on goods and get free shipping. Of course one should choose the latter option, but it so happens that you have finally found what you were looking for yet shipping charges make you is less feasible for you to buy the product. Yes, people do going around by just ordering some extra stuff, which is known as a ‘filler’. These are those products which might be of some use to you, and spending £4 or more and buying them to get free shipping might be totally worth it.

You also have to benefit from either reselling the filler product or just giving it away for free.

The problem which remains is how to find that filler item which will make you qualify for the Super Saver Delivery deal which essentially means adding £20 worth of products in your cart at least. Therefore, here are some services which can help you out on that.

The easiest one out there is Its powerful search can give you those specific products when you input a specific price. It also has search categories through which you can actually get products that are of use to you, for instance, computer accessories.

What you need to do is just head over to the site, and drop in the price that you need to add more to make your basket up to £20. For instance, if you need £2.01 more worth of products, then enter the price as shown and from the drop-down menu choose a category. For example’s sake, we went for Office products. Now, just choose “Find It!” and it will search for Office items in the price bracket.

Amazon’s entire UK store shall be searched, and items will be displayed to you whose prices matches the amount you entered near enough as possible. Options shall be displayed by price from low to high and you can simply click on the item you actually like which shall take you over to its Amazon page, from where you can add it to your basket.

Thus, in this way you can easily order anything on Amazon without any shipping costs literally. The benefit is that the thing you side-order might be of use to you too.


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