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Here is how you can Install iTunes on Chromebook

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Chromebooks are widely regarded as one of the best alternatives for those who don’t actually require the huge computing power of the modern laptops. If you happen to just casually use the internet or listen to music, perhaps Chromebook is your best bet. Though since the Chromebook runs on ChromeOS,  sadly there isn’t any official version of the iTunes app for Chromebook users.

The problem isn’t just with iTunes, but also that most software that runs on a Windows or Mac PC find it difficult to run on a Chromebook. Though, you don’t have to worry since you are in safe hands. This Step-By-Step Tutorial will guide you on accessing your iTunes library on a Chromebook. Though this involves you to import your songs to Google Play library first.

Installing Google Play Music on a Chromebook

To do so just quickly open Google Chrome. Head over to this link and download and install Google Play Music on your ChromeOS. To do this, just tap on the Add to Chrome button following by a click on “Add app” when prompted. After a quick short span of time, the app will be downloaded automatically, and then installed. You would get a notification stating that the app has been installed. Expect the notification to be around the bottom right-hand side of your screen.

Activate Google Play Music on ChromeOS

Activate Google Play Music on ChromeOS
Activate Google Play Music on ChromeOS

Our journey continues one step ahead as we have now to activate Google Play Music.

  • Just open the Google Play Music Web Interface by heading over to this link.
  • There will be a menu button on the upper left-hand corner of your browser window. Click on that.
  • Select the Upload Music option once the drop-down menu appears.
  • On a new screen, it will say something like this, Listen to your iTunes music with Google Play Music. Just select the Next button.
  • There is a caveat that payment details are necessary, though don’t worry you won’t be charged.
  • Just select the Add Card button.
  • Once everything is entered correctly and confirmed there will be a popup showing Google Play Music Activation showing a price tag of $0.00. Just choose the Activate option.
  • This shall be followed by an optional step asking you to select the music you like most. You can skip this.
  • Another option would appear asking you to select artists you like. You can skip this as well and choose the Finish button.
  • Now you shall be back on the Google Play Music Home Page

Copying Songs to Google Play

Copying Songs to Google Play

So far we have installed Google Play Music followed by activating it. Now we just need to copy our songs.

  • Where your iTunes library is on a Windows or Mac, you would need to install Google Chrome on that system.
  • Once done, open the Chrome browser and head over to Google Play Music App followed by a click on Add to Chrome button.
  • Click on Add App once again. Once Installed you should open the app by launching it through its icon saying  Play Music.
  • Now Navigate to Google Play Music Web Interface.
  • Choose the Upload Music Option.
  • For Windows users, your iTunes song files are usually in the following location: Users -> [username] -> Music -> iTunes -> iTunes Media -> Music. On a Mac, the default location is mostly Users -> [username] -> Music -> iTunes.
  • Just drag and drop files from these folders and wait for them to upload.

Accessing Your iTunes Songs on Your Chromebook

Copying Songs to Google Play
  • On your Chromebook open Google Play Music Web Interface.
  • Choose the Music Library.
  • Then head over to Songs. All the songs that you uploaded would be there and you can easily listen to them from there.
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