Here is a nostalgic concept video showing what Windows 95 would have felt like on a phone

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Kids these days won’t even know how good old Windows 95 was. All they know is about PS4 or Xbox and to an extent Windows 10. On the other hand, the 90’s era kids had it all coming, and so came Windows 95, with a much better experience. It was followed by a Windows Mobile made especially for phones, but that was a huge failure. Now that those times have gone, one can only imagine what Windows 95 might have looked like on a phone.

The wait is now over, as there is now specifically a concept video which just shows what it exactly it would have been like. We are sure that you would feel nostalgic after watching the video below.

An animation channel by the name of 4096 came up with this video, and for a newcomer, like today’s kid, they could in fact pretty easily think that it is rather a smartphone advertisement.

In the video, you can see the Windows 95 Classic themed icons, for instance, the “Internet Mail,” “Internet News,” “Audio Player” and just plain “The Internet.” All of these have a special nostalgic effect on the viewer, especially when you see the phone running old versions of Microsoft Word and the notorious yet helpful, Internet Explorer which just seems to crash by giving an error like it usually did.

In fact, Windows 95 Mobile might have seen the light rather than just being a part of a concept video. This has been confirmed by Steven Sinofsky, former president of Microsoft’s Windows Division, who wrote in a Tweet, that “this is pretty cute but the Windows team did this for real in 2011”.

He has mentioned a Microsoft Blog post as a reference which you can find here, which tells you about Building Windows for the ARM processor architecture. In the post, you can see a Windows phone (which were also doomed) running a fully capable Windows desktop, and including the much favorite – Solitaire. According to the post, “This is not a product plan or even a hint at a product”.

Only if our dreams could come true, and we were to see Windows 95 in action again, just for the sake of memories.

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