Here are the industry’s Best Video Editing Software

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We all have been asked if we can simply edit or make up a video; be it at a professional level or for just your high school farewell. There is no denying that there is a certain skill level involved with video-editing, but to be honest, most of the work is done by good video editors, and now you also have a chance to learn a thing or two about them, and then sharpen your skills using these splendid video editors.

Nero Video

Starting off with an inexpensive option, the Nero Video would cost you $49.99. It has all the features a beginner at Video Editing would want but nevertheless, it still happens to be quite slow compared to other editors. Certainly, there are far better options, but maybe if don’t have anything more than 50 dollars, then perhaps you can buy this editor which also doesn’t have proper functionality.

It is worth saying that if you are going to go for the cheapest option, perhaps it is better to save up and go for a better one, since $50 isn’t that cheap either.

Lumen 5

It is more of a video-editing tool rather than a video editing software to be honest. Its for those who are in for creating some fun and joyful videos for their respective social networks in a quite fast manner. It is basically intended for those who want to have their social promotions done through their blog posts.

Though all that glitters is not gold, since the process itself isn’t that perfect as you may wish it to be. Though with some tweaks here and then, you can manage a pretty fine video. Combining some gifs, screenshots, or short video clips, or some music is what you can easily manage through this tool. With the drag and drop interface it is quite easy to do so, thus making your blog to social media creation a lot easier.

As for the price, well you can get it for free if your blog involves just 480p videos, but in case you want your videos to be 1080p, you will need to spend at least $50 per month.

Corel Video Studio

For a one-time payment of $51.99, rest assured of a top of the line product. The Corel Video Studio supports even 360 Degree VR Video Editing and 4K too. Not only this, but the software stands out as it is the first to provide motion tracking editing too. Though other software also come with motion-tracking, but certainly the one which comes with this one, is quite the best.

Though, the only caveat is that the software might not be that fast as you may want, but nevertheless you only have to pay $51.99 once to get a really good video editing software.

CyberLink PowerDirector

Perhaps, the term software can be disheartening to those who are new to video-editing. It might be that they are assuming a plethora of unknown icons and features and learning them all seems difficult. There is one software though, for such beginners which offers a very streamlined interface; CyberLink PowerDirector. If you go deep down, you would find many features which are on other top of the line products.

The selling point of this is its fast speed as it really offers editing at the speed of light. It would cost you $79.99 onetime charge though, but it is quite worth the bang.

Pinnacle Studio

If the simple Corel VideoStudio can’t do its job good enough then perhaps its big brother can, albeit at a higher cost of $129.95. The Pinnacle Studio has all the options and effects you would expect from a high-end video editing software, and supports 360 degree as well as 4K content. There is motion tracking and multi-cam as well. There isn’t any product better than this when it comes to rendering speed.

Furthermore, its User Interface happens to be quite friendly as well, so if you are one for speed and features combined, the high price is totally worth it.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe is a quite well known brand and if there is one software which can be classified as the perfect combination of 360 VR, 4K and ability to store, organize, and share assets online with a team, then that is the Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s more than just good as it offers multi-cam and coloring options which are quite different than others. With the Lumetri Color tool, you can easily adjust the colors like you can using Adobe’s very own Photoshop.

The camera angles aren’t limited either as the latest version offers unlimited camera angles. The interface is also quite easy to use, and you can also easily integrate the software with other Adobe Products. The only downside is that you would have to spend $19.99 each month to use a software, so there isn’t any one-time payment.

Wondershare’s Filmora

If you are looking for an easygoing video editing software, then Filmora offers quite enough for a Beginner. Its simple yet effective although you can do more with FimoraGo which is for mobile editing and FilmoraScrn which is for screen recording and editing. There is a plethora of filters, overlays, motion elements, transitions, and a small selection of royalty-free music yet it is quite easy to use these, courtesy an easy to use interface via the “Easy Mode”.

As for the price, you can get the software for $59.99 for a lifetime license or you can go for $39.99 which offers you Filmora’s handy features for a year.

Apple iMovie

Who doesn’t know about Apple, right? The company also has its very own video editing software in the form of Apple iMovie. It is quite elegant like Apple’s other products and streamlined. Not only is it quite easy to use, but you can easily transfer your project from your iPhone or iPad to a Mac via AirDrop.

With the Chroma-key tool, you can place your characters anywhere around the world, and it would look quite real. You can also have custom tracks and sounds as well. With a seamless Apple product integration, you would be quite happy with the Apple iMovie which comes without a cost whenever you purchase an Apple Mac.

Apple Final Cut Pro X

With a whopping price tag of $299.99, this is certainly not an affordable product for everyone. For those, who have the money, this product has certainly a lot to offer. This is a highly professional software, and if you have already mastered Apple’s iMovie you are certainly up for a challenge. Along with Touch Bar support, there is a Magnetic Timeline too.

If you are a fan of Apple products, you would quite certainly like this.



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