Health Insurance Sign-Up Campaign: If Trump won’t, Obama’s Vets will!

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While Trump declares former US president Obama’s law as a disaster, and refuses to sell Obamacare to the consumers this year, Obama Administration Veterans are ready to step in and take charge. Here is a glimpse to the Get Covered America covered initiative.

Two former officials, this Wednesday launched a campaign called Get America Covered. They worked on the sign-up campaigns for the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges when Barack Obama was president.

In essence, it seeks to stand in for a federal government that, under President Donald Trump, is dramatically scaling back efforts to get the word out that enrollment season is about to begin.

While the open enrollment begins on 1st of November, ending on December 15th, Lori Lodes, co-founder of Get America Covered, is determined to make the project a success, as they don’t really have much hope from Trump Administration.

“There needs to be an effort to basically try to fill in as many of the gaps as we can from what the administration is not doing,” she further added, “We have a clear sense of what they’re not going to be doing, and it’s a lot.”

Residents of 39 states access the exchanges via, while those living in 11 states and the District of Columbia use state-run exchanges, such as Covered California and Your Health Idaho.

The campaign targets the young adults and encourages people to sign up for government backed private health insurances. This is because of the subsidies available which can cushion the impact of rising premiums.

Since the budget currently for the campaign is quite low, target aimed internet advertisements are the only way out for them. For now about 10 million people are signed up for sponsored private insurance plans through and state-run insurance markets.

The figures are well below the expected projections. Certain states took advantage of the law’s expansion to serve the more low-income adults, where about 11 million or so people have signed up for Medicaid.

Whereas Trump has shortened the enrollment period for 2018 by half, which according to some democrats, is like sabotaging the insurance markets. But health insurers, with a vested interest in enrolling people, say a shorter, focused sign-up season period may actually be more manageable.

However, the team tries its best to cover up the gaps and work in the strict time constraints. Determined to make the most of it, they motivation isn’t deterred by the bomb dropped by the Trump administration. Here is what they have to say:

“We can’t make up for what the administration refuses to do, but working with people like Alyssa, Andy, Mario and Bradley ― along with dedicated local organizations, mayors and other state elected officials, businesses, hospitals, doctors and nurses and anyone else who wants to help ― we will make sure people get the facts,” Peck said in the press release. (source: Huffington Post).

Trump’s administration has taken a few lethal steps which likely weaken the open enrollment period and make it more difficult for the consumers to get the information they need and sign up for the campaign.

Thereby creating mass hurdles for the Veterans to overcome. And the budget cut down as mentioned earlier just aggravates the situation ten fold!

Veterans have to raise funds and fill up the gaps left by Trump Administration. They have to make maximum number of people aware of the way to sign up for the program. Their determination to overcome this is applaud able. For their success will certainly mark a nasty spot for Trump and his antics in the near future!


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