Hasselbald’s HD6-400 Captures Images at 400 Mega Pixels

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There is a new camera in town, which doesn’t capture your images at an average 20-25 Mega Pixels but at a whopping 400 Mega Pixels! Yes, you read that right. The company by the name of HasselBald is known for releasing camera featuring high Mega Pixels. Around two years ago, it had released it’s 200 Mega Pixel Multi Shot Version H5D medium format camera. Now the company has made another release with twice the number of MegaPixels by the name of HasselBald HD6-400.

Multi Shot Technology

HasselBald relies on its multi-shot technology for capturing a 400 Mega Pixel Photo. For those who don’t know what Multi-Shot technology is, it’s pretty simple to understand.

Basically what the camera does it that instead of a single 400 Mega Pixel Image, it takes four 100 Mega Pixel images. Then for each image captured, it shifts the sensor by one pixel. In addition to this, the sensor is again shifted by half a pixel, courtesy two more shots.

A whopping 2.4 GB File Size

Now, this makes up for total 6 images. The camera’s software utilizes its technology to create a single image out of all these. This results in a 400 Mega Pixel file. That’s a whopping 23200 x 17400 Pixels! The number of bits is 16 and the file format is TIFF. The resultant file size easily crosses the 2.4 GB mark, in contrast with your average image size of 20-25 MB these days.

Therefore, since the file size is too much that it can be stored at once, hence to capture an image you would have to do the hassle of connecting your camera to your computer as well.

The features of the camera is as follows:

– USB 3.0 Type C Connection enables tethered shooting. Also, means high-speed data transfers & 30FPS live view
– Dual media card slots: CFast 2.0 and SD card
– 3.0-inch Touch Rear Display
– User Interface feels like smartphone
– HD & UHD video
– Improved Back Removal Process courtesy new Modular System
– Technical Camera Connectivity for Single Shot
– Wi-Fi
– HDMI & Audio I/O
– True Focus II

Our Opinion

To be honest it’s really meant for professionals rather than amateur photographers. Since the image size is too large and processing and sensor shifting all would require some time, in comparison with one-second photos we are used to. Therefore, it’s better if you would be capturing some amazing stills with this camera, rather than going about and capturing something in motion.

Incredibly High Price Tag

As far as the price tag is concerned, even professional’s willing to buy this camera would have second thoughts about spending  $47,995 on a camera, even though how advanced it may be. It’s relatively expensive to the company’s own H6D-100c which is available at a much cheaper price than this at $27,000. Now if you have enough funding or own money and find yourself a great professional who has a thing for taking stills, then you just have to wait for March this year, and get your hands on one.

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