Has-Been Heroes – a progressive game with strategic gameplay is going to be a new hit

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Video games these days are not only better in terms of graphics or user interface but are also progressive and modern in their approach. Gone are the days, when all you had in the name of storyline for a video game were dull, boring themes that only involved little mental stimulation. The latest challenging game adding to this league of progressive video games is Has-Been Heroes.

The game involves smart strategy and action with a compelling storyline. A band of heroes on a quest – but this time not saving a damsel in distress instead escorting the King’s young princesses to their school by defeating rivals. Now that’s some cause worth fighting for!

The game involves three characters that the players have to control, while subsequently focusing on coordinating melee attacks, combining a number of different spells that could even reach up to a hundred or more to create a combo effect that destroys any rodents in their way and lastly, managing cooldowns.

The opposing army summoned in their path by the Great Ghoul are difficult to beat with each upgrading level. Each level unfolds the story of King Fortinbrax and his desire to send his daughters, the twin Princesses Avaline and Beatrix to a faraway Academy, a school indeed, only to face opposition and challenges on his way.

The King’s most vigilant and diligent soldiers are trusted with the mission to guard the long and dangerous journey of the princesses. The players are responsible to control these band of heroes and escort the daughters by unlocking spells and boosting powers, while collecting hundreds of game-changing items and spells in their way.

From 300+ spells and 200+ items to 13 regions and 12 playable heroes, Has-Been Heroes is an exciting action game that is bound to keep you hooked to your playing consoles. But the game will not only keep you at edge with its thrilling challenges and perils. It has irreverent humor to help break the tension while you go through getting maps to find your final destination.

Released in March this year, the rogue-like game has gained a lot of positive reaction with players spending over 10hours hooked to it, forced to change their playing-style with every level they triumph. What’s better than a game that involves strategic thinking with a progressive storyline, coupled with spells and items that makes your characters, a dozen heroes to choose from, totally worth investing in, isn’t it?For a double doze, you can play it both on your PC or your Nintendo Switch.

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