Halo Infinite Cover

Halo Infinite Multiplayer will be free-to-play, running at 120 FPS on Xbox Series X

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The world of video-gaming is intrepid and spectacular. A sludge of new content is pumped out on a regular basis, yet there are few games that have come to define the 21st century. From the few that do make the cut, there is only one that can truly call itself, as Francis Ford Coppola would have said, “The Godfather” of them all. That game. That title of The Godfather. That ability to define an entire era rests with none other than the Halo franchise.

With the upcoming insurgent release of the infamous and rebellious Xbox Series X, the charter that has come to define the Xbox franchise, Halo, is set to release a brand-new videogame within the year – Halo Infinite. Although the game is set to release for both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X, it has come to affiliate itself with the launch of the new console. “Why we say so?”, you might ask. Well, let us begin.

The Halo franchise is rather secretive about the details of each game before it is released, however, they are not new to the fallacy of leaks that ensue their organization. Every time before the launch of their new game, certain details are leaked from the oddest and unlikeliest of places. This time, history has decided to repeat itself yet again.

The leak, this time, came whispering about from a toy retailer set in Ireland known as Smyths Toys. It’s no news that the new console, Xbox Series X, the droning, and rather never-ending, loading times will be shortened by a great amount courtesy of the consoles heavy-duty SSD.

However, the news does not stop there. The plot thickens as the leak introduces to us the information that Halo Infinite will be playable at 120 FPS on the Xbox Series X.

Keeping in mind the strength of the new console and the slew of updates that it is coming with, such a dream does not seem too far from reality anymore. This revolutionary move could be Microsoft’s big ploy to bring the Xbox Series X on par with its grueling, and rather merciless, competitor the PlayStation 5.

Furthermore, the most groundbreaking leak has to be none other than the fact that Halo Infinite will come equipped with a free multiplayer option. One of the biggest inconvenience of a console is having to buy an online membership to play multi-player video games with others. This is a point that PC players have long held over console players.

Halo Infinite

Although, now it seems the great deluge is upon us. Moreover, this move could not only offer fierce competition to the PC world but also to the PlayStation 5. This could very well be Microsoft’s strategy to undercut Sony and bring back the frenzy surrounding the Xbox Series X, and Halo.

Despite its incredible story and game-play, Halo has always lacked behind in the graphics department. Even the gameplay that was unveiled for Halo Infinite left players a little disappointed with the graphics, yet again. However, the inclusion of 120 FPS gameplay could just be the savior that Halo Infinite needed to pull its audience right back in.

Furthermore, 343 industries, the company behind the production of the video game, has mentioned in their latest post that they are dedicated to improving the visual fidelity of the game before it is officially released. This coupled with the free-multiplayer bargain might just be enough to bring Halo and the Xbox Series X back on top.

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