Man Fires Gun Accidentally while Playing Call of Duty

Real Gun Accidentally Goes Off while Playing “Call of Duty”

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The field of gaming has greatly evolved over time. It all started back in the 1950s when the first video game was made. As time passed, gaming gadgets and accessories became smarter and advanced. There are games of all sorts available in the market.

Game developers have introduced the most cutting edge graphics players have ever experienced. The better the graphics, the more realistic and closer to real life video games would feel. Better graphics and other technological advancements in gaming tools have rendered the whole gaming experience a new level of excitement. But this close-to-reality feel comes with its problems.

It is easy to get addicted to video games. It is also quite easy to get so immersed in the scenarios presented in these games that they slowly start shaping opinion and perception. They can blur the lines between game and reality at times. A recent incident that took place in the city of Murfreesboro is one such example. Video games can play their part in clouding judgment and induce irrational and dangerous behavior.

21-year-old Jacob Aaron Curtis, a video game junkie, whose favorite games include the famous game “Call of Duty” met with an accident.

While playing “Call of Duty” at his home, he had a gun in his lap which accidentally went off and a bullet went through the wall into the neighbor’s house. The neighbor was terrified due to the incident that took place earlier this week.

“Call of Duty” is one of the biggest and most famous and loved games among players of different ages worldwide. Set up in the middle of a war zone, this game is played by those passionate about guns, action and the thrill of being in the heat of the battle field.

Due to his love and passion for the game, Curtis bought a Colt AR-15. This gun is very similar to the one used in the game. It is also the one that accidentally discharged leaving a bullet hole and a very frightened neighbor in its wake.

Gun Accidentally Goes Off
A Colt AR-15

According to Police reports, Curtis had the gun in his lap while playing the game. The gun was loaded and accidentally discharged while he was busy playing the game. It hasn’t been confirmed yet how exactly the gun went off. Curtis’s neighbor is an elderly woman who lives in the house with her dog. Wishing to remain anonymous, the 75-year-old woman showed police and reporters the remains of the bullet and stated:

“I felt really lucky to be alive.”

The matter has been taken seriously by the local police officials as it could have harmed not only him but also his neighbors and could have turned out to be fatal. According to the neighbor, the bullet nearly missed her dog present in the vicinity at the time. The Police reported at the incident site immediately and prepared a report after investigation. The Police have stated:

“It could have led to devastating consequences because of the use of firearm, ammo and the kind of weapon being used.”

Curtis legally owns the weapon. However, the police department has charged him with “Misdemeanour Reckless Endangerment”. Police further added that this specific incident is a perfect example of how people can mishandle firearms and land into bizarre accidents such as this one. It also proves how safe custody and handling of firearms is so important for everyone’s safety.

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