GTRacing Black Friday Gaming Chair Deals

Early Black Friday Deals on the Best GTRacing Gaming Chairs

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As we finally head into the closing stages of this godforsaken year, we can finally have something nice on our way out, as a little treat. Each year, the holiday season begins with the glorious Black Friday, a day with incredible sales and discounts on literally everything. And, with the release of next-gen consoles, this Black Friday could end up being a massive one for gamers as well.

However, since both the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 have been out for a week, we can’t expect the consoles to be on sale for this Black Friday. So, what’s the next best thing for gamers out there? Gaming Chairs, peripherals, and accessories. And if you’ve picked up a next-gen console and didn’t have a sweet setup for it before, chances are that you’re on the lookout for things to complete it.

Arguably, the most prominent thing in your setup will always be a gaming chair and these days, every gamer needs to own one. These chairs are specifically designed for comfort and robustness throughout your long gaming sessions and provide the support necessary for your back and neck. In addition to that, their design just exudes sportiness and style.

While many people prefer the traditional form factor of an office chair, it is undeniable that the racing seat design of a gaming chair just invites attention. So, if you’re trying to build a flashy gaming setup with RGB lights and everything, a gaming chair is the way to go instead of an office chair.

GTRacing Gaming Chairs
Image: GTRacing

Having said that, there are tons of gaming chair brands out there that offer different qualities at all price points. But most people would say that only GTRacing has managed to earn the trust of every gamer out there with its build quality, design, and comfort levels.

Black Friday is the perfect time to pick these things up. If you’re on the lookout for a good and reliable gaming chair, GTRacing is one of the first brands that you should consider. Furthermore, with Black Friday coming hard and fast, GTRacing has already started its Early Gaming Chair Black Friday Sale. So, here are the best Early GTRacing Black Friday Gaming Chair deals for you:

1. GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chair ($40 OFF):

Pro Series
Image: GTRacing

The first one in the GTRacing line of Gaming Chairs on sale for Black Friday is the Pro Series. Known as the go-to for most people, the Pro Series is designed for the mass market, meaning that whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just want a reliable office chair for work, this will work for you. It is also the most popular gaming chair from GTRacing.

However, don’t let the cheap gaming chair‘s price tag and marketing deceive you as the GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chair is an extremely well-built product and will be with you through the ups and downs of your gaming journey.

In terms of features, this GTRacing Gaming Chair brings an ergonomic design to the table, with fully adjustable backrest, adjustable armrests, lumbar cushion. It also comes with all the bells and whistles that you’d expect like a neck pillow, smooth rolling casters, height adjustment, and a comfortable seat cushion.

Not only that, but the robust steel frame provides ample lumbar support for all-day gaming or work sessions. The secret sauce of the seat though lies in the chair‘s specialized hydraulic system that delivers top-notch consistency, stability, and safety.

This GTRacing Chair is $40 off as part of Gaming Chair deals and you can buy it via the link below.

Buy GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chair

2. GTRacing Footrest Series Gaming Chair ($50 OFF):

GTRacing Footrest
Image: GTRacing

If you’re not really into competitive gameplay and want a more laid-back experience, gaming chairs can be off-putting since nothing is more comfortable than slouching on your couch, right? Wrong. The GTRacing Footrest Series Gaming Chair is designed specifically for players who want a more relaxed gaming experience.

As the name suggests, it features a footrest and a fully adjustable backrest meaning that you can sit back, relax, and game casually on your console. It can also replicate the experience of a recliner. Not only that, but the thickly padded seats really emulate the experience of a comfortable couch without preventing any back injuries. In addition to that, the lumbar pillow and headrest are just added bonuses that really help with a long work/gaming session.

In case you do decide to play competitively though, the retractable footrest goes right back under the seat so you can easily switch over to serious gamer mode.

And, with this deal, you can now grab the comfy GTRacing Footrest Series Gaming Chair Black Friday deal at $50 off, which is just incredible value.

Buy GTRacing Footrest Series Gaming Chair

3. GTRacing ACE Series Gaming Chair ($60 OFF):

Black Friday Chair
Image: GTRacing

The ACE Series, as the name implies, is the top-of-the-line flagship Gaming Chair from GTRacing. It is the absolute pinnacle in gaming chair technology and provides the perfect combination of comfort and luxury. We could honestly spend days talking about how good the GTRacing ACE Gaming Chairs are.

From the super-sized 4d armrests to its integrated high-density foam, this GTRacing Gaming Chair is the go-to chair for anyone looking for a premium gaming experience. Even though the chair is more expensive than its counterparts, it more than makes up for its price with the added features and comfort.

Furthermore, this is the perfect option for anyone who is worried about durability as the GTRacing ACE Gaming Chair packs heavy duty reinforced materials including a metal wheel base. Still not confident? Well, you really don’t need to worry since the ACE comes with an extended 5-year warranty so you can game stress-free for many years.

The GTRacing ACE Series Gaming Chair is currently $60 off as part of Gaming chair deals. You can check this Gaming Chair Black Friday deal out through the link below.

Buy GTRacing ACE Series Gaming Chair

4. GTRacing Music Series Gaming Chair ($67 OFF):

GTRacing Black Friday Gaming Chair
Image: GTRacing

Not into bulky gaming headsets but still want a good sound experience? Well, GTRacing has a rather peculiar solution for you that doesn’t need any external speakers at all.

The GTRacing Music Series Gaming Chair is perfect for people that want the comfort and durability of a gaming chair along with some extra perks. It completely eliminates the need for any external speakers or headsets as it comes with an integrated Bluetooth speaker on each side.

How good can the integrated speakers really be though? Well, we can assure you that since they’re positioned right next to your ears and are really well-built, you can expect some very high-fidelity stereo audio straight to your ears.

Other than the chair‘s main feature, it also comes with other qualities of a typical GTRacing Gaming Chair including a lumbar cushion, fully adjustable backrest, armrests, headrest pillow, and even a footrest.

You can grab the GTRacing Music Series Gaming Chair through this Black Friday deal at an incredible $67 off via the link below.

Buy GTRacing Music Series Gaming Chair

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