Grocery shopping made easier with Amazon Dash Wand

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Amazon’s latest gadget is all set to upgrade your grocery shopping experience. The e-commerce company introduced Amazon Dash Wand, a device that adds items to your Amazon cart by just a click. You can either scan the barcode of the product to add it to your shopping cart or just ask Alexa to do it in 3 simple steps: press, hold and ask. This latest addition to two of Amazon’s previous products, Alexa and Dash, runs on batteries.

With Whole Foods now under Amazon with $13.7 billion acquisition of the supermarket chain, the mundane grocery shopping task will experience a revolution, as the American company is all set to change our grocery shopping habits by making it accessible online. And the Dash Wand will just add to that.

The best part about this new product is that it’s actually almost free. Upon purchasing the product for just $20 you will get a shopping credit of the same amount transferred to your account on registration. And that’s not all, you will also get absolutely free AmazonFresh Pickup, which costs $15 per month, for a whole of three months.

Shopping can sometimes get boring and the Amazon Dash Wand understands that. If you need to take time off the shopping spree then let Alexa keep you entertained! The voice-enabled scanner will let you know weather updates and also tickle your funny bones with corny jokes. Besides, the Dash Wand can also control a few of your smart homes gadgets. All you have to do is ask Alexa and sit back and relax, while she works them for you. The handheld device can do tasks as menial as switching the lights on or locking the door.Simply press and hold the button and speak into the microphone, “lock the doors.” Great for a device that barely costs anything, isn’t it?

But, perhaps, although the device is as good as it sounds, it falls short in some aspects. For instance, the Alexa is only limited to work menial tasks and shop. If you want to groove on some music and clock in reminders, you will have to help yourself because Alexa isn’t equipped to do any of those. Surprisingly a device built to primarily upgrade your grocery shopping experience is incapable of handling kitchen related tasks like setting alarms or even kitchen timers.

Another aspect that might not work in favor of Amazon’s newest gadget is that it doesn’t come with a charger. The device is powered by two AAA batteries. While your grocery shopping habit might change, taking them online and receiving products at the comforts of your home courtesy the Amazon Dash Wand, if its batteries run out you will have to go to the nearest store to purchase them. Not so smart after all.

However, for a device that only costs $20 the Amazon Dash Wand may turn out to be a smart purchase. It’s handy and simple to use: insert the batteries then hold the button down. After it enters pairing mode, you can sync the Dash Wand with your Amazon account through a link on your mobile and work it through the nearest Wi-Fi network. Press and scan to enter products. If Alexa is assisting you, then remember to be specific when entering general items by mentioning the brand of the product. Once done, toss it on your refrigerator and let it hang. The Dash Wand has an inbuilt magnet that will stick on your refrigerators or any place according to your preference.

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