GPT-3, An Advanced AI Program Introduced, Incredible Abilities Revealed

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A group of Artificial Intelligence researchers called Open AI has released a new program called GPT-3. Based in San Francisco, California, this group of computer scientists has developed a revolutionary new program for AI Applications. They have been working for almost 5 years on computer applications involving artificial intelligence and have finally pulled it off. GPT-3 can perform various human tasks like writing legal documents, making music, writing poetry, making webpages, and even performing complex managerial decisions.

AI is one of the most exciting research paths in Computer Science. This branch of computer development aims to provide human-like thinking to computers.  As the name suggests, the programmers have to develop human Intelligence artificially in machines, which includes mimicking the brain’s thinking process and information management.

While that may look like a far fetched idea, a lot of work has been put into this field, and we see some promising results. In short, AI has played a crucial role in determining the direction of modern technology. Many current solutions and applications are made possible by Artificial Intelligence.

For instance, We have fitness trackers that learn user behavior with time and provide suggestions to improve. We now have self-driving cars from companies like Tesla. Home assistants like Alexa and  Google Assistant also work on similar concepts. In addition, AI also has several applications in health care industries. Researchers use higher computing power to monitor disease growth and behaviors.

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AI is present in something as simple as the brightness slider of your phone. Modern phones learn brightness preferences from users and compare that to light intensity to map out a behavior. Lastly, AI is also the reason behind Google’s extraordinary night mode in Pixel phones.

GPT-3 is the latest development from Open AI. This Program has the potential to change the computer world forever. Twitter user Ed Leon Klinger posted some of the capabilities of this new Program. As hard as it is to believe computers can now do all of these things. It’s just fascinating what we can accomplish in the future.

One of the abilities of GPT-3 is turning plain text into legal language. We all know how intimidating reading a legal text can be. However, It is far more challenging to write one. Writing a legal document requires a degree of knowledge that only Lawyers possess, or at least that is what we believed until now. Take a look at the image below.

( Source: Twitter )

This image demonstrates how GPT-3 can turn regular text into legal language. This can prove to be helpful on one side for people who can’t afford lawyers for generating simple legal notices. On the other hand, if this feature grows further and improves, even more, we might not also need lawyers.

JukeBox :

Building on an earlier model by the name MuseNet jukebox is capable of making music. Earlier with MuseNet, users could generate a 4-minute composition with a variety of instruments. This composition was entirely computer generated and original. The composition styles could range from classical music like Mozart to modern pop music.

With Jukebox, the system is now capable of producing vocals as well. It generates composition as well as voice-based on the desired genre. The genres ranged from classics like Elvis to modern pop like Bruno Mars and Katy Perry. Here is a sample of generated lyrics by the model.

The image shows how this model generated lyrics for a popular song called “Hotel California” by the Eagles. That is not the only one the team tried. You can find many others here.

Computer Code:

Yes, you read it right. The AI model can even write computer code. That is not some basic programs like ” Hello World.” A twitter user demonstrated how he used GPT-3 to make a system that generates a Java Script layout based on a textual description from the user. In a video posted on Twitter, he demonstrated how powerful this tool could be with proper refinement.

With this type of model matured to perfection. Above all,  There are a plethora of possibilities waiting to be explored in web development. These models can make web development easier. They can also aid professionals to show a quick representation of how the expected product will look based on their given description. Which gives designers more time to work on design instead of presentations. It can also save a lot of time on customer side as well.


Computer code is not the limit to the writing capabilities of GPT-3. It can even write poems. In comparison, it is pretty evident from the initial samples that a human did not write the text. However, that is not something to take away from the text. AI models require a certain amount of training and tweaks to produce good results. With proper development, who knows we might have another John Keats. Take a look at one of the samples.

( Source: Twitter )

That is better than what most of us humans are capable of writing. If this is one of the initial samples of the application, surely, we will have better ones soon. The writing does not end here. With poetry, you would think that surely philosophy is something purely human. Well, think again because the GPT-3 team has a model that writes philosophy too.


( Source: Twitter )

This shows a glimpse of what the future of Artificial Intelligence has in store for us. This computer-generated sentence was made by a  model trained on texts from philosophers like Descartes.

Business Strategies:

Alright, so with this amount of sheer decision-making power, surely we can use this for developing business strategies. While the heads at most fo our famous companies struggle with complex decisions regarding future investments and partnerships. Results have shown that models implemented using GPT-3 can provide helpful insights into business as well. Here is what the application wrote on the topic of “How to Run an Effective Board Meeting.”

( Source: Twitter )

This is just a part of the whole content, and we can easily say that this pretty comprehensive and helpful data. Consequently, that day that we see AI-based devices making corporate decisions is not that far.


That was some of the main applications of the GPT-3 algorithm.  This significant development will lead to several new applications in various fields. As discussed earlier, AI provides help in medical applications as well, who knows this technology might help us cure complex diseases.

Let us know which one of the above applications of AI you find most exciting.



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