Google’s new job hunting feature will help you get your dream job

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Looking for new jobs can be difficult. But Google wants to help you make this task easier. Just like all other things the American multinational company has made easier, you can now search for jobs by simply ‘googling’ it.

The technology company recently announced its Google job search project. With just a click of a finger you can look for jobs either in your jurisdiction by typing in ‘jobs near me’ or look for them categorically. The results will immediately direct you to links of the relevant job posted on business and employment oriented sites, such as LinkedIn and Monster.

Trying their best to make your job seeking experience convenient and less taxing, the search giant has also introduced a number of filters that provides and in-depth detail about a particular opening. These filters will help narrow down your search results by category, type, title and the date the job was posted.

Another feature that will make shortlisting jobs a whole lot easier is the result mentioning commute time. For a number of vacancies, the result will mention travel time between your place of residence and the office. But to be able to get that feature you will have to be signed in to Google at the time of job searching.

Google seems to have done its homework. Understanding that many job seekers also worry about how their new employers are going to be after they have found a perfect fit,the search engine will have almost all job descriptions directing links to trusted sites that will mention ratings and reviews of potential employers. Job seekers can look into different sites and decide on their pick.

The search engine’s job hunt project will also send email notifications, if turned on, about new job postings. Although many of the features in this new way of job hunting are similar to that of other popular job hunting businesses with millions of visitors, such as, Google doesn’t envision competing with these companies.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Google’s product manager, Nick Zakrasek said that the company doesn’t intend to let employers post job opportunities directly on its platform. “We want the players in the ecosystem to be more successful,” said Zakrasek. It will only be partnering with the likes of Direct Employers, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, Facebook, Way Up and Glass door for its detailed information of job openings

To help organizations adapt to its latest integration, Google posted an instruction manual for organizations in the blog post announcing the project. These instructions will allow them to make sure their job openings are visible on the platform.

This new initiative in part of Google’s latest initiative titled the “Google For Jobs.” At the start of the year, Google I/O announced this initiative to change the way people look for jobs through artificial intelligence. Through machine learning the company envisions to organize and sort information relating to different jobs. This will automatically help de-cluster and eliminate repetitions of certain job openings, serving up to the specific of a user’s requirement.

The main objective of Google For Jobs is to serve both employers and employees, making this new integration easily accessible on Google App, desktop and mobile phones. “Google For Jobs, a new company-wide initiative focused on helping both job seekers and employers, through collaboration with the job matching industry,” mentioned the blog post.

Sundar Pichai-led Google has taken the next big step in making smart recommendations for jobs through its USP of comprehensive search functionality. To provide more to the mix it will be adding more filters in the future, while at the moment positions can be whittled down to serve narrowed purpose as little as mentioning “entry level jobs in New Jersey.”

Right now with all the information available about this project there are quite a few advantages that make this initiative a potential success for the search giant. Firstly, it will be placing all related job openings under one umbrella. Secondly, with the range of filters you can easily look for jobs in your localities and also review employer profiles, helping you find your dream job just at your fingertips.

There are, however, just two aspects where the project currently lags behind at. For starters, there is no information on the fact whether job listings will be shown keeping in consideration the experience of the job seeker. Other job hunting sites such as LinkedIn, recommends jobs based on individual’s profile accounting the experience they have along with other things.

On the other hand, the job search interface is only available in the US at the moment. Although Google plans on expanding this feature to other areas, they haven’t announced on when this would actually happen.

While we can hope for the aforementioned shortfalls to soon be eliminated, one thing is for sure that with this new detailed job hunting information platform users will become even more dependent on Google than they already are.

Let’s face it, to every query there is only one answer: Google it!

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