Google Trips app – What’s new for the travelers?

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With the latest upgrade of new features in Google Trips app available for iOS and Android version, Google Trips application has turned out to be the most amazing traveling application for travelers.

Among the addition of a host of new features, the most amazing one is to allow users and travelers to manually update the last minute changes in their travel details and plans on the app. The update involves adding and sharing of the reservations of your car and hotel manually also you can share the details of your reservation with your friends and family of your with a single tap in the form of an email as well. It also has turned out to be equally supportive even when you are not traveling through an airline. The application can now extract your train and bus reservation and get it organized even as soon as you receive it on your Gmail. Allowing you to keep a better record of how you are moving between various destinations.

Also with the help of new features, the Google Trips app helps you get all the information for your upcoming trips. It automatically pulls your travel reservations such as the details of your flying date, time and airline tickets to your all destinations and provides you with a full plan and schedule so that you may not miss out anything for your trip.

Though, some believe that extracting travel information from Gmail is also undermining of privacy of the users but nevertheless the perks enjoyed with this app subside those objections.

Instead of wasting your time in searching for the most exciting places where you plans to visit, the application does it all for you. From telling you the most exciting and happening places to visit at your destination to telling you the bus and train fares.

It also tells you the things to do at the place where you are visiting plus giving you the information about the local culture including foods and drinks, where with a single touch you can easily download the information. Google Trips app aims to make your journey exuberant and enriching.

For a travel geek, this application is however no less than a blessing. Apart from showing all the information relevant to your fun part of the journey, it also gives you some sober information, i.e. providing you with the guidance of what to do in case of emergency. It provides you with all the data of the hospitals and urgent care on the page “need to know”.

The application is free of cost and can be accessed offline, which means you don’t need to worry about losing track of your travel information in case you are out of reach of Internet. According to claims, almost 70% of the usage of this application is offline.

Google Travel app not only gives you the information required for the place you are visiting but also gives you suggestions about the top few popular places to visit in the world. So far the app gives you the information about 200 cities, of which you can download and research the maps of the city.

However, the upcoming feature up gradation is predicted to let the users bring in last moment changes in hotels reservation, car and restaurant bookings even before the email confirmation and get them added manually.

However, according to the user’s feedback, they have been liking the new update of adding cars reservation manually but does recommend Google to work more on this application about adding information manually such as flight reservation. Though many users have complained about facing technical problems.

With many travel applications already on the store, Google needs to work on the feedback received from the users. The idea of the application is excellent as it would definitely ease the hassle if you are planning to go on a long journey but few issues need to be addressed to make it a five star rated application.


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