Google to Release Two Flagship Smartwatches

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Product manager for Android Wear at Google, Jeff Chang has announced within the upcoming beginning of next year, Google is set to distribute two flagship smartwatches.

Mr. Chang stated in an interview done by The Verge that these latest products will serve to be the flagship Android Wear 2.0 products and will be released as the first batch of devices in regards to their upcoming newest creations.

Although the release of these smartwatches have been mentioned about previously in the past, Google stated that the distribution to the markets with these new watches serve as an assurance to buyers that smartwatches and other ‘wearables’ continue to be requested for.

About the Models

Mr. Chang has stated that the smartwatches will not have any type Google or Pixel branding, but rather will have only the branding of the original manufacturer for the products, in which he refused to disclose in his statement.

This unknown company has allegedly manufactured Android wearables before, including the actual outlook design for the products along with the software mechanisms within them.

What Else do We Expect?

The current Android smartwatches will be updated so as to match the yet to be released Android 20.0 version. This update will arrive once the newest smartwatches have been released.

The new batch of products that will be launched include upgrades on matters such as applications that will not require that you use your phone to use them, an assistance guide for Android Play, along with additional aid for the voice-controlled assistant made by Google.

The voice-controlled assistant support currently is set on the Pixel smartphones as well. Mr. Chang, in reference to the newest updates, added that although not all the Android wearables will be automatically updated, it is mainly the most recent editions of the wearables that will enable an update as the rest may not have certain functions or apps that will align with the Android 2.0 edition.

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