Google Pixel Buds finally about to ship

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Upon the release of the Pixel phones (Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL) this October, Google uncovered a few other hardwares from its stash. And the one that caught the eye were the Google Pixel buds. Although the Pixel buds went out on sale at the same time as the Pixel Phones, yet they have taken their time to get out of the gate.

The whole purpose for the introduction of the buds was that the tech giant removed the Headphone jack on the Pixel Phones and then launched the Bluetooth buds to cater to the users. And to top it all, the Pixels haven’t been there in the market, so the Pixel users have been living without music since then!

However, this marks the end of the waiting; good news for Pixel users as reported on Android Police and 9to5Google, early orders of Google Pixel Buds are now shipping. They are probably going to hit wide in the market by the end of this week.

The wireless Bluetooth buds enjoy their own edge of not being completely wireless for there is a link joining the two buds, to prevent them from going missing. Sometimes referred to as the neck buds, they can easily be worn on the neck when the user is not listening.

The compact design, allows them to snuggly fit into the ear bud, thereby letting one enjoy the music without the hassle of securing the buds. But the most fantastic feature is that of the real time translation. Using your Pixel phone with Pixel buds allows you to translate 40 different languages. So the user can easily translate a conversation, only thing one has to do is to open up the Google Translate App on the Pixel Phone.

And of course, Google Assistant is here too. Google has been building Assistant into everything these days and the Pixel Buds are no exception. You can interact with Assistant just like you would through a Google Home or on your phone when you make voice queries. A touch of the right earbud results in Assistant relaying information about the time and notifications. You can also press the earbud and ask it questions and have the answers read back to you through the earbuds.

While the buds would be compatible with every Android phone in the market, the features of translation however are solo to the Pixel Phones alone.

Available in three colors, Black, white and Blue, the Pixel Buds can be seen on the Google site. Since they are all out of stock, for now you can apply for the waitlist here.

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