Google Pixel 4 is coming up with a unique feature

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Google has just revealed the Pixel 4, four months prior to its official launch. In a tweet made by one of the many Google’s Twitter accounts, Made by Google, we get to see official renders of the back of the device. And from that alone, we can tell some features the new device will have.

Jumping right into it, the picture you see in the tweet below, that’ll presumably be the back of the Pixel 4. That first thing that you’ll probably notice is the camera module. It is huge, not only compared to all previous Pixel phone, but to other flagships as well. The main reason for that is, well, Google is finally Pixel multiple cameras.

In case you didn’t know, all previous Pixel phones only made use of a single camera setup even when rivals were coming out with 2 and even 3 cameras. While you may think, this may have put the Pixel phones at a hardware disadvantage, it certainly did not result in the picture quality being bad. In fact, it was quite the contrary. Google’s superior software optimization and image processing were behind the Pixel’s superior camera quality even while using a single camera.

However, a single camera did also mean that Pixel phones couldn’t do well in the Telephoto and Ultrawide department. This is probably why Google decided to give the Pixel 4 an extra camera sensor. Now, it is still unknown what type of sensor it is. It could be a telephoto, or an ultrawide or neither. It could be a depth or time of flight sensor. What we do know, however, is that this will have a significant improvement over the already competitive camera of the Pixel 3.

Google Pixel 4 leaked
Image: 9to5 Google

The next thing most of you probably haven’t noticed in the picture is that there will be no Fingerprint Sensor on the back. This leads to two speculations. The first one is that Google, like most Android smartphone coming out, will be using an in-display fingerprint sensor. However, it won’t be an optical sensor like the one on the OnePlus 7 Pro. It will probably be an Ultrasonic one, like the one used in the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The second speculation is that the Pixel might just be ditching fingerprint scanners altogether and moving towards facial recognition. If this is true, we might just get a proper face scanner in Android that may rival the likes of Apple’s FaceID. This means the sensor will make a 3D map of your face to recognize it and will probably even work in the dark. This is a major step up for Android as many other devices will follow suit.

That’s all that we can actually confirm about the upcoming Pixel 4. If these observations and speculations prove to be true, the Pixel 4 might actually turn out to be a way better phone than its predecessor ever was. Not only that, but it may also become the best Android phone as well, in terms of hardware as Samsung and Huawei have previously ruled that department. Needless to say, this “leak” has surely pumped us up for the new flagship.


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