Google Maps Live Location Sharing now also shares your phone battery percentage

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Nearly everyone uses Google Maps (even iPhone users) to get around the town, and some of them need it to get directions to a specific place. Then there are some who also want to share their location with their friends and family on the go, but then comes the scenario what if your phone bails on you, and needs to charge before it can power on again.

Thus, Google came to rescue once again by offering a feature that will tell your friends and family your current battery remaining as well, so that they may not get worried if they are unable to reach you. This feature was first noticed by Android Police, and amongst other information shared by you when you are sharing your location, this just got added to the list as well.

Those of you who share your location with your friends or family, the other person tends to see where you exactly are. This way in case of trouble one can easily reach out to you by following the directions. Along with battery percentage, there is charging indicator as well. Now with the battery percentage update and all you would also get to know if the person has arrived at their destination or is lost and has low battery, in case their location doesn’t update for a while because their phone battery died.

The feature has been around though not officially, but the first time it was seen on a beta version of the Google Maps v9.71 back in February this year. If you haven’t received the feature yet, you should update to the latest version of Google Maps on your iOS or Android device. Else, it might also be that the feature might not have rolled out to you yet, so give it a week or two.


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